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2019 AL Central Outright Baseball Betting Markets

You do of course have five teams that you can bet on if you are a fan of baseball and fancy picking out one of them to be crowned the AL Central outright winner this year.

However, you only have to take a look at the past form of each of those teams to come to the conclusion that there are just two teams or possibly three (at a stretch) that have a fair and reasonable chance of winning the title this year.

I decided to check out the betting markets over at Coral this morning to try and make sense of where the smart money is going, and below you will find an update on the current state of their betting market on the AL Central.

If you want to back the favourite to win the AL Central this year then it will of course be the CLE Indians that you will need to back, and their current odds do give you a very clear indication of just what the Coral sportsbook odds compilers think of their chances, for they have them chalked up and on offer at odds of 7/20.

Second Favourite to Win

It is of course the MIN Twins that have the form, team and skills and abilities to win the AL Central this year, and as for just how generous the odds are on them winning, well they are a fair bet I suppose at their current odds of 13/5.

However, just keep in mind that the odds on all teams are going to fluctuate as results come in from their upcoming and schooled matches, so there are no guarantees that you will still be able to secure the odds listed unless you act fast.


You can of course pick any team you like and fancy to win the AL Central, and if you fancy backing any of the other teams, which it is very fair to say are all outsider, then there are some juicy odds currently on offer on each of them.

Take for example the CHI White Sox they will of course need everything to fall their way moving forward, but with them currently being on offer at decent odds of 10/1, plenty of fans of that team will be prepared to back them at those odds.

The DET Tigers are faced with a mammoth task this season, and it is only going to be diehard fans of that team that are going to want to back them, but back them they will no doubt be doing given that you can currently bag odds of 50/1 on them winning over at the Coral betting site.

As for whether the Kansa City Royals are going to perform a miracle this season and blast their way to the top of the table and stay there, well that is not likely to happen, but if you do want to take your chances on them winning they too are available at huge odds of 50/1.