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About Us

It can always be difficult to learn the ins and outs of betting on sports or in fact placing a bet on absolutely anything!

For whilst the betting industry has been around for many, many years, those that are new to it can often be baffled by the many different terms and sayings associated with it, and the huge array of different types of bets too.

When you add into the equation both online and mobile betting sites and apps and not just land based physical betting shops, and the offers and deals available at those sites and venues, it is no wonder a first time punters can often feel completely overwhelmed.

Therefore, in our own unique way the team put in place here at the Best Bets UK website are going to help you get your head around betting in general, and below is an overview of what we will be offering you on an ongoing basis to helpfully help you make sense of betting on sports.

Bookies and Betting Apps

Don’t be a mug punter, and by that I mean just casually sign up to the very first betting site you come across, for there are plenty of betting sites to pick and choose from, and of course several betting exchanges too.

What you need to be fully aware of are the differences each betting site or even mobile betting app is going to be offering you, for you will not want to accept poor valued odds and miss out on plenty of consolation offers and bonuses and promotional deals either.

The betting sites, apps and betting exchanges that we will be showcasing to you have been handpicked, and when we do spot one that is offering the best value you will find that out quickly.

So be prepared to read through each of our guides, articles and betting news stories too on the sports categories that interest you the most, as by doing so we will reveal just where you are going to be able to lock in the best betting value.

Know Your Bets

It is true and fair to say that there are some weird and wonderful bets available to punters these days, and with many betting sites now offering their own unique consolation offers and a range of payout and odds booster you really do need to discover where you can place a bet to get the maximum value and the highest returns too.

Each individual sports category and respective range of guides you will find on those sections of this website will be introducing you to betting sites and apps that are famed for offering their customers more.

But please do be aware that may often see you having to sign up to several different betting sites, as not all of them will offer the best deals to their customers on every type of sporting event you can place a bet on.

Betting News Updates

Daily betting news stories are what most punters are eager got make use of and that is why we do update this website regularly with all of the latest betting news relating to a plethora of different sporting events.

You really do owe it to yourself to make use of them, for when you do fancy placing a bet on any upcoming sporting event you will need to know just which bookie is giving you the best odds and any additional extras too.

True Betting Value

You will have heard the term betting value mentioned several times above, but it is a minefield out there for the un-savvy punter and if you are not aware of just which betting sites are offering low over-rounds on their betting markets that you will often find the odds available are lower at one betting site that you could have secured at another.

Things such as odds boosters, best odds guarantees and enhanced early prices are always going to be available somewhere online, and we will always point you in the right direction of just where you can get the best odds.

One final thing to be fully aware of is that we do tend to offer plenty of exclusive sign up bonuses that are on offer from our feature betting sites and top rated betting apps.

But for you to qualify for those offers and deals you are going to have to ensure that you click through our website links to take you directly to those betting sites, and betting app websites, as by doing so you will then instantly qualify for those often enhanced sign up offers and deals.

So make sure that is something you do, and also make sure that you check back to this website regularly as you are always going to find something of interest to you if you do enjoy betting on sports.