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Ante Post Monaco Grand Prix Betting

The Monaco Grand Prix is fast approaching, and by looking at the current state of play on the ante post betting markets for that race, you are going to be able to suss out just where the smart money is going on it.

In fact, it isn’t going to take a genius to work out that the one driver that has been attracting the most support from punters to win that race if of course the highly talented Lewis Hamilton, and even though plenty of punters have backed him to win, you should still be able to get win odds on him of around the 11/10 mark if you get a move on!

Bottas is one driver that does have a fair and very reasonable chance of success this year, and with him being available to back at plenty of bookies such as BetFred still at odds of 9/4, now is when you should be backing him if he is the one driver you do hope goes on to win this race this year.

As for any other drivers being backed on the Monaco Grand Prix ante post betting markets, well there has been dribs and drabs of money coming in for Verstappen who is on offer at a fair number of betting sites at odds of around the 10/3 mark.

The Bets Valued Odds

I would be tempted to place a few additional bets on some of the lesser fancied drivers to win the Monaco Grand Prix, for there is always a slight chance that one of them could beat the odds and win.

As for who else could be worth placing a small speculative punt on, well there is always the chance Gasly could do well this year and his odds are worth taking right now being as they are 12/1 and a couple of other drivers that may be worth backing at small stakes to include Leclerc and Vettel who are both 14/1.

Name Your Odds on the Rest of the Drivers

You will be able to ask for your own odds when betting on the Monaco Grand Prix at a betting change, so make sure that is you are prepared to back any of the outsiders that a betting change if where you look for much bigger odds than any bookie will be offering you.

As for just how high the odds are on each other driver, well Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Magnussen and Ricciardo are all up for grabs at odds of 500/1 at betting sites such as BetFred, who are also offering odds of 750/1 on the likes of Albon, Kvyat and Sainz too.

There is no major support coming in for any of those outsider and a few other drivers that are completely friendless in the early betting on this race are Russell, Perez, Stroll, Norris, Kubica, Giovinazzi and Raikkonen, and for those of you that do fancy the chances of any of those drivers make sure you get offered and access to odds that are at the very least valued at 1000/1 on each of them.