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Best Bets to Place on Football Matches

Betting on a football match is going to see you being able to back either team to win, or you can bet on the match ending in a draw and those are the three most basic bets available on such matches.

However, make no mistake about it, when it comes to betting on football there are a plethora of additional bets and wagers you can place, and some of them are going to have much higher odds attached and associated to them than on the standard betting market.

With that in mind what I plan to do in the football betting guide is to take a look at just how wide and diverse the range of available football betting opportunities that are going to be coming your way when you sign up to our featured and approved betting sites.

There is something of a sixth sense you do need to acquire however when betting on football, and one thing you will certainly need to get your head around is the value of the odds being offered, for many bookies work to such large over-rounds the odds they will be offering punters will be low, when compared to some other betting sites.

But by taking a look at the available bets on offer on football matches listed below, and then comparing the odds on offer at different betting sites you will soon discover just which bookies you should be placing different football related bets and wagers at.

Best Bookie for Football Bets

When it comes to you picking out a betting site to bet at that is going to not only offer you the best odds on a football match, but also range of consolation bets and payout boosters you will be very hard-pressed to find a much better site than Paddy Power.

They are a betting company that are passionate about football, and that passion really will shine through with their ongoing football betting offers, promotions and deals.

Therefore, what I would very strongly advise you to do sis to sign up to Paddy Power if you haven’t yet done so, and make sure that you click through our website links to get to their website, as by doing so you will then qualify for their high valued sign up bonus offer.

In fact, get on over to their website right now and see for yourself just how high their football betting odds are on any match you fancy placing a bet on and compare those odds to other bookies, for I just know you will be impressed by the odds they are offering punters.

Acca Bets

One type of football bet that most punters and fans of the sport are going to be placing at one time or another is an Acca bet, or an accumulator bet as they were once known.

That is a simple bet on which you can pick out as many teams as you like, as long as they are all playing in different matches, and the aim is to pick the winning team in each match you select.

As long as each team you pick wins then your winnings and the original stake will roll over from the first team onto the next and so on, and the payouts that can be won can be huge, dependent on how many teams you select and also the odds that they all won for.

Correct Score Betting

The chance of you being able to predict the final score of any football match may seem tiny, however by attempting to do so you are always going to find the odds on offer very tempting, much more so when you predict a score that most other punts don’t.

The standard correct score betting markets are going to be determined by the score at the end of the first 90 minutes of play and as such do not take into account any extra time or penalty shootouts, but any injury time will be counted on this type of betting market.

There is of course nothing stopping you picking out several different correct scores in the hope that one of them you do pick will be the final score of any football match, so do keep that in mind too!

First and Last Goalscorers

Another fairly popular type of bet you can place on football matches is a first and last goalscorer type of bet, and as the name of those two different bets suggest what you need to try and do is to predict the player you think will score the first goal in any football match or the last goal instead.

Just be aware that each player is going to have his own set of odds attached to him, and the much more likely a player is to score the lower his respective odds will be.

Half Time – Full Time Bets

The outcome of any football match will of course be whether a win for the home team, a win for the away team or a match could end in a draw.

The odds however that are going to be on offer on any team that is much more likely to win a football match will be low, in fact some teams are available at huge odds-on and as such it may not be worth backing a team to win.

But by you opting to place what is known as a half time – full time bet, you have to then try and predict whether the home team or away team will be winning at half time of whether the match will be a draw at half time and the same again at the full time whistle.

The benefit of placing such a bet is that the odds on offer, even on a red-hot favourite team to win any match, will be much higher on that type of betting opportunity, and will be even higher if you pick the underdog to be leading at half time and then at full time for example.