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Best Odds on the World Matchplay Tournament

All eyes in the darts world are going to be focussed on the upcoming World Matchplay darts tournament which is going to be starting in just a few days, and many punters are also taking a keen early interest in that tournament too.

As for where the smart money is going, well based on the very simple fact he never seems to lose, it is Michael Van Gerwen that many punters are pinning their betting hopes on, which has resulted in his odds being chipped away at over the last week or so and he is now the rock-solid 13/8 favourite to win that tournament this year.

You could be one of the many fans of players such as Rob Cross who are convinced that one day real soon he is going to make mincemeat of Van Gerwen and win a tournament of this nature, and if you are then you can bag odds on him off 7/1.

Then there is Gary Anderson, now he is a player that could easily make it through to the final game, and as such he is there for the taking if you do fancy backing him at decent odds over at BetFred, for they are going 10/1 on him winning this tournament this year.

Is It Worth Backing a Player Each-Way?

As far as backing any player in the 2019 running of the World Matchplay tournament each-way goes, well I doubt many of you will fancy backing Van Gerwen each-way as there is no real value to be had by you doing so right now at his rather skinny odds.

However, you can of course back any of the other players and by doing so you get the full pay-out odds if that player wins on the first half of that two part bet and bookies such as BetFred will also pay you out at half the win odds if that players comes first or second on the second part of such a bet too.

Players Punters Will Be Backing Each-Way

The players that are going to be high up on many punters listed of darts players to back each-way in the World Matchplay Tournament of 2019 include Peter Wright at 12/1 who will have his usual high chance of making it right through to the final match.

There is also some value waiting to be mopped up too if you are prepared to take your chances backing some players each-way such as Gerwyn Price whose odds are very appealing being as they are currently 14/1 and then you have James Wade at 22/1 who does have a chance of making it through to the final, albeit though a rather small chance.

As for just which of the many other players could, if everything does fall their way throughout the tournament get to the final, well there are several chalked up at odds of 25/1 right now and they are Nathan Aspinall, Daryl Gurney and Michael Smith at 25/1