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Bet on the Real Madrid vs Arsenal Match

It is of course going to be up to you whether you fancy placing any number of midweek footballs bets this week or whether you would much prefer to wait until the weekend when there is a much larger scheduled of matches to pick and choose from.

But if you are of the mindset that you would like to place one or more bets this week, then tomorrow night is the featured Real Madrid vs Arsenal match, and as you would expect all bookies are offering their usual array of betting markets and betting opportunities on that match to punters.

You should be able to get even money if you fancy backing Real Madrid to win this match, and to be fair to the bookies that are offering those odds they are certainly giving punters some value as many betting sites have much lower odds than those on offer on the favourite team to win.

I am sure some of you think that this match is going to be one that will end in a draw and as such you will be tempted by the odds of 11/4 that can be mopped up right now on the match ending in any type of draw and the odds on Arsenal for those of you out there that fancy their chances are 11/5

Odds Available on Both Teams Scoring

I think it is going to be a fair bet that both of the teams playing in this match will at the very least score one goal each as the match is in play, and if you fancy placing a bet that will see you being paid out if both teams do score then plenty of bookies will allow you to place such a bet.

However, as for the odds you will be offered on this betting market, well they will of course reflect the chances of both teams scoring, and those odds are current 7/4 that both teams will not score and extremely skinny odds are being offered on the yes they will bet and those odds for reference are 2/5.

Will Either Teams Score in Both Halves?

The odds on Real Madrid banging in a  goal in both the first half and at any point in time during the second half are going to tempt you into placing such a bet, for there is every chance in the world they may go on to do so and I have seen bookies offering odds on them doing so of 7/5.

The odds obviously on Arsenal going the same are even higher and as such I am sure if you are an avid fan and supporter of Arsenal then you will be happy to take the 9/4 odds being offered on them scoring in both halves of this match.

I think the best option available on the Highest Scoring Half of the match betting markets is a bet on the First Half and if you get a move on you should be able to get odds of 21/10 on that bet.