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Bets and Wagers for Cricket Fans

Now, betting on Cricket can be a profitable thing to do of course, but you do need to know not only where the best betting sites are to secure the best odds, and also to be able to make use of a range of promotional offers, but you also need to know the ins and outs of betting on Cricket too.

There are no ends of different bets and wagers that can be placed on Cricket matches, and what I aim to do in the following guide is to give you an overview of some straight forward to understand crickets bets but also introduce you to some much more unique types of cricket wagers too.

Just keep in mind that Cricket is an all year round sporting activity these days, as most countries of the world have their own matches leagues and tournaments too, and as such with so much choice available you are going to find a plethora of different betting opportunities on that sport at any time of the year.

Where to Place Your Cricket Bets

With so many betting apps, betting sites and even betting shops available to punters these days, when you do fancy placing a bet on Cricket you will always have a great deal of choice as to where you can place such bets.

But do make sure you take a good look over the Betway betting site, they are one of our fully approved betting sites and they do of course cater for UK based punters too.

In fact, make sure you do click onto our links to take you over to their website as that way you are going to have full access to their generous sign up bonus, the terms and conditions of which are to be found on their website.

Cricket Match Betting

If you do want to keep things nice and simple when betting on a Cricket match then simply take a look over the match betting markets at any of our featured and approved sportsbooks, as they will offer you a set of odds on the three outcomes possible on that betting market.

They will list those betting opportunities starting with the home team and the odds you see displayed on the betting market alongside the home team are that ones that currently on offer, you will also have the option of betting that the match will end in a draw or that the away team will win too.

Series Winner

Whenever there is a Cricket Series scheduled to be played many betting sites will let you bet on the team you think will win the series, however as soon as the first match starts in the series that betting market becomes live so the odds on both teams are going to start moving, dependent on just how well each team are playing obviously.

Top Bowler

One of the much more unique betting markets, but one that will be of interest to you if you are an avid fan of one cricketer is the Top Bowler betting market, and that is of course going to see you being able to place a bet on any player you think will be the top bowler during any game or tournament/series.

In-Play Betting

Once a cricket match begins then all betting markets will switch over to becoming what are known as in-play betting markets, and as such you will have a plethora of bets you can place whilst the cricket match is being played off right before you very eyes, if you are watching it of course!

Just be aware though that as those betting markets are live and in-play things that happen in a match are going to have an instant effect on the odds available on all betting opportunities, so the odds will change rapidly, so you need to act quickly to secure any odds that do catch your eye!

Batsman Runs

You may have an idea of just how many runs a batsman will achieve in any cricket match and that is yet another thing that you are going to be able o bet on at most betting sites.

The odds will of course all be determined by the current form of each player, so those that are famed for achieving plenty of runs are going to have their odds on them doing so in any match quite low, but there is often some value bets to be had if you have pick out a batsman that does achieve a lot of runs even though he wasn’t expected to.

Method of Dismissal

Another of the many unique betting opportunities that are going to be on offer to you when betting online or on a mobile betting app, is the method of dismissal betting opportunities.

Again, much like some of the other bets and wagers listed above the name of this one does give you some idea as to just what you will be betting on and that will be the method of dismal for the next batsman or any of them that may be playing in any cricket match.

Handicap Betting

Some Cricket teams are going to be on offer as such short odds-on that punters are going to be put off backing them for they will need to place some very hefty bets to get any reasonable winning payouts when the odds are very small.

As such what you will find is that betting sites will then add such matches to their Handicap Betting opportunities, and what they will do for example is give the underdog in any match a certain number of runs start.

As such that will then allow them to offer higher odds on the favourite to win that match as they will for betting purposes only be starting their match with their opponent having a certain number of runs start.

The odds will vary as too will the individual number of runs each betting site will be offering on the underdog, but it is certainly a type of bet to consider placing if a team you fancy betting on does have tiny odds attached to them!