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Bets You Can Place on Greyhound Races

It is sad to see the demise in the popularity of greyhound racing, for once there were a huge number of greyhound tracks across the UK holding plenty of race meetings throughout each week, however the number of tracks are now at an all time low, and it is certainly a sport in decline.

However, that isn’t to say there are no greyhound tracks and stadiums still in operation, but many of them are owned by bookmakers who only own them to ensure there are races held and filmed live each day to give their betting shop customers something to bet on.

If you are new to the world of greyhound racing and have taken a shine to the sport then this guide will give you some ideas as to just which types of bets and wagers can be placed on a greyhound race, and I will also be letting you know just which bookies are the best ones to place such bets at too.

As for the odds on offer though, well when betting on greyhound races you are always going to be best advised to hunt around and compare the odds being offered to you at different betting sites, as they can and do vary from site to site.

Consider Betting at a Betting Exchange

If you are interested in betting on greyhounds then you really are going to find the odds available to you at a betting exchange are going to often be way higher than the odds a bookmaker, sportsbook or standard betting site will be offering you.

Betfair is one such betting exchange and the main reason as to why their odds are going to be higher than other betting sites is that the betting exchange allows normal punters to place bets and also lay bets as well, and as such you will be placing your bets with other punters when you visit that betting exchange.

That simple fact means that the odds you are going to be offered will be high and you will also have the option of laying your own set of odds to other users of that betting exchange too, so you could become a bookie yourself by doing so!

Make sure that if you do fancy giving Betfair a try that you click onto our links to get on over to their website and to sign up, as that way you will be offered and given full access to their generous welcome sign up bonus, all of the terms of which can be found on their website.

Bets and Wagers You Can Place on Greyhound Races

Let me now move onto introducing you to a range of bets that are available at plenty of betting sites to those of you out there that are interested in betting on greyhound races, as you are about to discover there are plenty of unique betting opportunities on that sport!

Trap Challenge Betting

Before any one single greyhound race track holds its very first race of the day many bookies will offer a range of bets known as the Trap Challenge, what you are faced with on such a betting market are a set of odds attached to each trap number.

When using such a betting market you will need to try and predict which trap will have the most winners running from during the meeting, if you guess correctly then you are paid out at the odds you were offered when you placed your bet.

Major Greyhound Race Heats and Final Betting

There are of course loads of major greyhound races held each year, but to determine just which greyhounds get to run in those races a series of heats are held, and as such the number of greyhounds that enter such competitions gets dwindled down in size as each heat is run, often with the first and second place finisher in each heat progressing through to the next stage.

You will have the opportunity at any time to bet on the greyhound you think will win any greyhound race even when there are many heats left to be run on the ante post betting markets, and the sooner you place such a bet the bigger the odds you are going to be offered.

Each-Way Greyhound Race Betting

Most UK greyhound races these days only have a total of six greyhounds running in them and as such when you want to back a greyhound each-way bookies will only be paying out to two places.

When you place an each-way bet you are placing two bets in one, and the first bet which is always going to be the same value as the second on such bets covers your chosen greyhound to win its race and the other half of that bet covers the greyhound finishing in first or second place.

The odds you will be paid out at on that bet are the full odds you took or the starting price on the winner if you backed it, and you then get a fraction of those odds if your greyhound finishes in first or second place.

Straight Forecast Betting

You can also place something known as a Straight Forecast bet on a greyhound race and that is a bet that requires you to correctly predict the winner of a greyhound race and also the greyhound that finishes second in that same race too.

You can put any stake on such a bet and as soon as the race if run and the result is know a dividend is then declared to a £1 stake and you will be paid out as per the amount of cash you wagered on such a bet in equation to the dividend.

Tricast Betting on Greyhound Races

One final type of bet is a Tricast bet and it is much like the Straight Forecast bet above however instead of picking out just the first and second placed greyhounds in any one single race you need to pick the first, second and third placed finishers in the correct order!