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Betting on Darts Matches and Tournaments

A huge number of Darts tournaments are held all over the world each year, and as you would expect there is a great deal of interest in each of them, much more so from fans of the sport who will be very eager to back their favourite darts players or those in great form to do well in their upcoming matches.

Betting sites will be offering punters all manner of different betting markets on each individual Darts tournament and match and this guide is dedicated to showcasing each of those betting markets to you and the many additional bets and wagers that you can place on each of them too.

Just make sure though, that you have a good understanding of  the value that can be had by shopping around for the best odds available, for as you may probably already be aware some betting sites are not famed for their overly generous odds!

Top Rated Darts Betting Site

Whilst you are going to have a fully round betting experience at any of the betting sites, bookmakers and betting apps you see showcased throughout this this website, there is one betting site that does tend to offer some of the most appealing odds on Darts tournaments and matches.

That top rated betting site is the BetHard Sportsbook and by signing up today and by using our links to get to their website then you are going to be instantly able to take advantage of their generous betting odds, their huge array of different betting markets and will also be able to claim their high valued sign up bonus too.

But as always, make sure you check through their terms and conditions associated with that sign up bonus, as you will get a good idea of how to claim and use your bonus credits and will also notice just how fair those terms and conditions are.

Bets You Can Place on the Sport of Darts

It will always be the case of just how much risk you want to have in place when betting on the sport of Darts as to just which bets you should be placing and just which betting markets you should be making use of.

With that in mind below you will find some of the most placed types of bets and wagers many punters make a beeline to place when using the services offered by betting sites such as BetHard.

Tournament Each-Way and Outright Winner Bets

Long before a Darts tournament will actually start betting sites are going to open and make live their futures betting markets, and they will list on those betting markets all players that are going to be taking part in a Darts tournament and will be offering punters odds on each player.

Punters are able to take the outright winner odds available at the time of placing their bets, and they will also be able to back any player each-way too.

Just keep in mind though that the each-way betting terms could be different at each betting site, so look for the one offering the most placed positions that they are paying out to and the best percentage of the win odds on the place part of such a bet too.

Total Leg Over/Under Betting

Each match will of course be made up of individual legs, and it is the player that wins the most legs and then wins the most sets made up of those legs that will win any match.

When making use of an Over/Under Leg betting type of betting market you are faced with having to guess how many legs will be played in any match. A betting site will select a base number of legs for example 11.5 and you can then bet over 11.5 or under 11.5 with odds being offered on both outcomes.

Darts Handicap Betting

If a Darts player is available at such short odds-on that most punters are not willing to take such low odds then a bookie will offer a Handicap Betting Market, and when they do so they will give one of the players a head start, the value of that head start and the adjusted odds on each player taking that head start into account will be displayed on the betting market.

By offering such a betting market the odds on the favourite to win are increased and the odds on the outsider are reduced from those found on the standard outright betting market, in the hope more punters will be interested in backing the favourite at those much higher odds.

Correct Score Darts Match Betting

As there are so many different ways that a Darts match could end, regarding the final score of a match, then you will often find the odds on the correct score betting markets appealing.

As long as the correct final score in any match you bet on is the one you predict you will then be paid out at the odds you took when placing such a bet.

In-Play Darts Betting Opportunities

As soon as a Darts tournament starts and when any darts matches start too betting sites are going to start changing the odds on offer on each player either winning a match or winning or getting placed in a tournament.

The in-play betting markets will be the ones that go live ones those tournaments and matches start and by making use of them you are going to be able to continue to place all manner of different bets on the player or player you think are going to win or get placed in their respective matches or in any darts tournament.

Total Legs Odds or Even

One final type of Darts bet and one that gives you 50-50 chance of success is the total legs odds or even bet, as the name of that type of betting market does suggest you are tasked with simply guessing whether the number of legs played in any match will be an odd number or an even number.