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Betting on In-Play Betting Markets

There was of course a time when you could only place a bet on any sporting event before the event started. As such, if you wanted to bet on a football match for example then as long as the referee hadn’t blown his whilst to start the match then you could place a bet.

However, as soon as the football match or whatever sporting event had actually started then you would not be allowed to place a bet on that event.

If you somehow did managed to place a bet due to a member of staff being too busy to notice that event had started then your bet would be voided out once the settler double checked the time the bet was placed with the starting time of the event.

Times have of course changed and you possibly will be interested to learn that you are now going to be able to place a bet on most sporting events once they have started, and you will do so via something known as in-play betting markets.

Those betting markets will only go live once a sporting event started, which could be as in our example above a football match, a golf tournament or even a horse or greyhound race.

A range of different betting opportunities will become available on those in-play betting markets and you will need to act quickly if you fancy taking the odds attached to them, for it is going to be things that happen in for example a football match such as one team scoring that will have a direct and instant effect on the odds being offered on those betting opportunities.

Best Bookie for In-Play Betting Opportunities

When it comes to finding and locating a betting site that is going to be offering you every possible type of in-play betting opportunity on absolutely any type of sporting event you could ever wish to place such a bet on, one betting site does stand out.

That betting site is Paddy Power, for they do have a huge team of odds compilers employed at their head office and they work tirelessly around the clock to ensure their customers do have access to the best odds possible.

If you are not yet a customer of Paddy Power then I really do encourage you to sign up to their betting site sooner rather than later, for currently they have one of the most generous of sign up bonuses of any online and mobile betting site.

The full terms and conditions of that sign up offer can be found on their website, and to instantly qualify for that sign up welcome bonus offer make sure that you click on our Paddy Power betting site links to get to their website.

Make no mistake about it though, as soon as you do become one of their customers you are always going to have access to a very large and very diverse range of ongoing betting offers, which will at the end of the day help you lock in even more betting value.

In Play Horse Racing Betting

Speed is always important when you are making use of an in-play betting market that is associated with horse racing, for it doesn’t take very long for a horse race to be run and as such be prepared to act rapidly if you do fancy the chance so any horse you can see running around a racecourse.

Obviously when a horse for example falls or is brought down when running there is very little chance what so ever of it going on to win a race, and as such always keep in mind that anything can and possibly will happen in a horse race you have chosen to bet on!

Betting In-Play on Football Matches

What I have noticed is that punters will place a couple of bets on a football match, the first will be placed before a match starts on the outcome they think will happen in a  match, whether that for example is a win for the home team, the away team or whether the match will end in a draw.

However, the main attraction for punters is that they can also bet in-play, and as such the second bet a punter will place is one on the in-play betting market and often that second bet is a hedge bet that could see them locking in a profit if their original prediction isn’t the one that is happening as the match is being played out.

Golf Tournament In-Play Betting

Obviously once a golf tournament starts, or for that matter any type of sport tournament that could last several days such as a snooker tournament, the odds are going to be wildly fluctuating as player gets knocked out of the tournament.

As such there can often be some value to be had and you could indeed increase your winning chances when you do make use of an in-play betting market, so always do keep that in mind.

Online and Mobile In-Play Betting Markets

One final thing I would like to point out is that you are going to get the exact same betting opportunities and the same odds being offered to you irrespective of whether you use an in-play online or mobile betting platform at one single betting site.

So never be under the impression that the odds you will be offered or the betting opportunities that will become available to you at any one betting site are going to different depending on whether you use their online betting platform or their mobile betting app.

Not all bookies are going to be offering you a wide and diverse range of in-play betting opportunities and as such you really do owe it to yourself to sign up to and place such bets at the betting site listed above, for that way you are always going to be in the driving seat as to just which types of bets you can place and also when and where you can place those bets too.