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Betting on the Irish Lotto

irish lotto

There are two Irish Lotto draws held each week, the first of them is on a Wednesday night and the second draw of the week is held each Saturday night too.

Believe it or not there are a huge number of UK residents that place a bet on that lottery each week, and they are not actually entering the main draw as one does when playing the UK Lotto, but instead they are picking out a range of numbers that they hope will be drawn out of the Irish lotto with their local betting shop.

Why betting on as opposed to playing the Irish Lotto is much more appealing to most people is that you are able to pick from one to five numbers and place a stake of as much as you like, and if all of the numbers you pick, and it must be all of them, your bet is a winning one.

Unlike when you buy a lottery ticket were there are a range of prizes available, for picking out three or more of the six numbers drawn out of the lottery machine, you are offered odds dependent on how many numbers you try and predict when placing a lottery bet with a bookmaker.

Below I will give you an insight into the betting opportunities that are available on the Irish Lotto twice and week, and I will also be introducing you to a betting site that is going to let you place such bets in addition to being able to place a range of bets on other worldwide lotteries too.

Be aware that there are just 47 balls in the Irish Lotto machine which are the numbers from and including one to forty seven.

Where to Place Lottery Related Bets Online

Due to the sheer popular of lottery betting and Irish Lotto betting in particular, what you are going to find is that most betting sites are going to be offering you the chance of betting on that twice a week lottery.

In fact, if you make what I feel is the very wise decision of signing up to the Ladbrokes betting site, you are going to find they offer betting opportunities on most lotteries of the world, and the odds they will be offering you on each of those bets will be fair if not generous too!

Ladbrokes are of course one of our top rated and featured online betting sites, which does of course mean that if you click through to their website using any of our website links, as soon as you sign up as one of their new customers you will instantly qualify for their welcome bonus offer.

That offer along with each of the terms and conditions attached and associated with it are fair and reasonable, and you will be able to view them by visiting their website, so make sure that is something you do and make sure as mentioned above that you click through our website to get to their website to have access to that offer!

One Number Bet

You may have a lucky number, and if so then that could possibly bet the one you fancy using as the number you predict will be drawn out of the next Irish Lotto.

You have two options when placing just a single number bet at Ladbrokes, you can include the bonus ball or bet without the bonus ball being included in your bet.

As for the win odds you will be paid out if the number you select is drawn out of the lotto machine, well by picking one number without the bonus ball being included your winnings will be x7 or your stake and if you do include the bonus ball the payout will be x6 of your stake instead.

Two Numbers Bet

The Irish Lotto payout odds do get bigger when you try and predict more numbers, but keep in mind that is due to your chances of predicting more numbers correctly will be low.

As for what you will be rewarded with if you do correctly predict two numbers, well if you choose to include the bonus ball then the stakes you wager will be boosted by x39 for predicting two numbers, or a much bigger boost will be awarded to you if you choose not to include the bonus ball and the stake multiplier on such a winning bet for reference is x54.

Three Number Bets

The most popular bet placed on the Irish Lotto is a thee number bet, and when placing such a bet and including the bonus ball everybody that does correctly predict three numbers will see their stakes being multiplied by x376 or a much greater x701 when they do not include the bonus ball.

Four Number Bets

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that you will be laughing all the way to the bank if you manage to predict four numbers drawn out of the Irish Lotto machine and have bet on them, the chances of you being able to do so are low, which means of course that the payout odds are huge!

A 4 number bet including the bonus ball is going to see punters being paid out at x3800 times their stake money if all four numbers they pick are drawn out including the bonus ball, for those punters who opt not to include the bonus ball their payout will be a whopping 7200 times their stakes.

Five Number Bets

The only other bet that you can place on the Irish Lotto is a five number prediction bet, and as you would expect the potential winning payouts on such a bet a huge!

Picking five numbers from the first six drawn out of the Irish Lotto machines not including the bonus ball has a payout of x 125000 punters stakes, and the same type of five numbers bet but including the bonus ball has a payout of some x 40000 punters stakes!