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Best Betting Opportunities on the NFL NFC

If you have a very keen interest in the NFL then you will probably have made up your mind at this stage of the NFL season as to which team is going to go on to be crowned as the NFC winner at the end of the season, and if you do have then now would be an ideal time to bet on that team.

Whilst each of our featured betting sites are going to be offering you their own unique set of odds on that particular betting market, one betting site that does appear to be offering the very highest possible odds right now is Betfred, and as such below I will be showcasing to you the odds they are offering right now on all teams playing in the NFC.

The team that does appear to be attracting the most support from sports bettors are the New Orleans Saints for currently they are leading the betting markets at odds of 9/4, and those odds may just get even shorter in the not too distant future, so if you do rate their chances then make sure that you bet on the sooner rather than later to secure those odds.

The second favourite and one team that does have a very fair and reasonable chance of being crowned the champion team in the NFL NFC this season are the San Francisco 49ers at 7/2 and then you have the Green Bay Packers who could win the title at the end of the season and their odds are sure to be appealing to plenty of you out there being as they are on offer at odds of 9/2.

Other Teams to Consider

There are a handful of other teams that whilst needing some luck in playing f0or the rest of the season c0udl pull of a surprise and go on to win the title, and they include both Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys who are both trading currently at odds of 9/1.

Then the odds jump into double digits odds on all other teams and some other teams to consider backing include the likes of Los Angeles Rams at 10/1 and possibly also the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks at 14/1 too.

The Outsiders to Win the NFL NFC

If you want to back any of the outsiders to win the NFL title this year then you have several of them to pick and choose from of course, and there are some rather tempting odds available on each of those lesser fancied teams too, over at Betfred.

Take for example the Carolina Panthers they are chalked up at odds currently of 40/1, and win some even higher odds attached dot them currently you have the likes of both Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, and for reference those odds are 66/1

As for the teams that are completely friendless int the betting, well you have three such teams top chose form and they are Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals all every easy to back at odds of around the 250/1 mark.