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Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing is yet another sporting activity that does get a lot of attention from punters, but if you are new to the world of betting then you may need a few pointers as to the many different and often unique bets and wager types that are available on any type of sporting events.

Therefore I have put together the following guide to betting on boxing bouts that will give you a good insight into just how many different types of bets that you can place on any upcoming boxing bout.

It is however important for all punters to fully understand that the odds they are going to be offered and the range of bets they will also have access to can and will vary depending on just which bookie you choose to place such bets at.

With that in mind below I will also be showcasing to you one of the very best betting sites at which you are always going to find by far and away the most diverse range of betting opportunities on boxing matches, and a betting site that is famed for their rather generous and empting odds too.

Checkout the Grosvenor Casinos Sportsbook

When you are first venturing into the online or mobile betting environments, you need to keep your wits about you, and never be drawn into signing up to any betting site or downloading any betting app purely on the size of any sign up bonuses you are being offered.

I would urge you to stick to betting sites and betting apps that are owned and operated by companies that have been around for many years and those that are well known betting and gambling related companies.

Therefore, if you do fancy chancing your arm so to speak and betting on boxing match then one betting site that comes highly recommended is the Grosvenor Casinos Sportsbook. Clicking on any of our links to visit their website will instantly qualify you to make use of their generous sign up welcome bonus offer the details of which are to be found on their website, so do take a look.

Learn How to Bet on Boxing Bouts

You will find most betting sites and most certainly the one listed below are going to be offering you a futures betting market on all upcoming boxing bouts, and there will be more than enough betting opportunities available on those betting markets, and below are some of the most popular and some rather unique betting opportunities that you will be able to make use of too.

Fight Winner

When there is a boxing match scheduled to take place most punters will take a good look over the fight winner betting market as by doing so they are then instantly going to get a good idea of the boxer that is the favourite to win any fight.

Three sets of odds and betting opportunities are available to punters on that betting market, each boxer will of course have odds attached to them and there will also be odds on the match ending in a draw.

Just keep in mind though that the odds on a draw will be huge, which does of course mean the actual chances of any bout ending in a draw are low!

Draw No Bet

Some slightly lower win odds will be available to you if you decide to make use of the draw no bet betting markets, and that type of betting market listed just two sets of odds, those being the odds on either boxer winning the match.

There is no option to bet on the draw though, and if the match does end in a draw then punters stakes are returned to them, hence the win odds on both boxers being slightly lower in value than the above bet.

Round Betting

Punters are also going to be able to make use of a round betting market, and obviously what they are faced with doing when making use of that type of betting market is to pick out just which round either boxer will win in.

All 12 rounds will be listed in such a betting market and each boxer will have their own set of odds attached to them winning in each of those twelve rounds.

A couple of other betting opportunities are also available on this betting market and that is for the match to end in a draw, or either boxer to win the match on points as opposed to winning the match outright in any one single round.

Method of Victory

Another type of bet you may be interested in placing is the method of victory bet, and what you will be faced with doing is deciding if either boxer will win the match on points, the match will end in a  draw or whether any boxer will win the match via a KO/TKO/DQ/TD.

Fight to Go the Distance

A much lower risk type of betting opportunity is also going to become available to you when betting on boxing bouts at any of our featured betting sites, bookies and sportsbook, and that is a simple yes or no type of bet on whether the match will go the distance.

Grouped Fight End Betting

There will also be the option for you to try and predict which round any upcoming boxing match will end in, without you having to try and guess which boxer will win the match and in which round.

The way this type o betting market works is that several rounds will all be grouped together such as Rounds 1-3, Rounds 4-6, Rounds 7-9 and also Rounds 10-12 and each of those groups will have odds alongside them, and if you place a bet on any of them and the match then does end in any of the rounds they cover your bet is a winning one.

If you much prefer trying to pick out not only which rounds the match may end in but naming the boxer that will win in any of the rounds covered by the group you select then some much higher odds will be on offer to you.