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Cookies are in use throughout this website and as such please read through the following page as it will give you an insight into what they are, how you can remove them along with the benefits that may come by keeping them in place.

In addition to this cookies policy you are also required and advised to read through our Terms and Conditions section of this website along with our Privacy Policy section of the website too.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that our server will place onto your computer or your mobile device as an indication that you have visited this website.

They can also be used as a way to indentify you if you have signed up to this website to make posts and comments and this allow you to make such posts and comments and log into this website easier in the future.

Also be aware that cookies placed by us onto your device will also allow us to present to you information that you may have searched for in the past, and thus you will find information is much easier to access based on just what it may be that you are seeking out on this website.

Be aware though that as you will find out below it is very easy to remove any cookie or cookies placed by our server onto your device, but do also be aware that if you refuse to accept them or delete them certain parts of sections of this website may not work as they have been intended to.

Removing or Refusing Cookies

You are free to remove any cookie or cookies that our server has placed onto your device at any time of your own choosing, but as mentioned above sections or parts of this website may not work as they have been intended to work if you refuse to accept them or remove them.

It will be dependent on just what type of web browser you are using as to just how you can remove any cookies from your device, and as such you should look up how to remove then which is something you can do quickly and very easily.

Why This Website Uses Cookies

The aim of this website is to present to you with a plethora of different betting news and information that you are seeking.

As such that is the main reason why we do use cookies throughout this website as by doing so we can present to you relevant information that you have shown an interest in finding out and discovering and will give you something of a much more fully rounded website visiting experience.

We also use cookies as a way of discovering just which sections and parts of our website users like to make use of and visit the most, and as such that will allow us to compile and give our website visitors access to additional information that is being searched for and looked up.

Third Party Cookies

To enable our website visitors to be able to make use of special offers, deals, bonuses and promotional offers being made available from carefully selected third party companies we may also make use of third party cookies upon this website.

By doing so for example if you see a betting site bonus that is exclusively available to our website visitors, by you clicking through our text or image links that third part company can track you as coming from this website and therefore make that bonus available to you.