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Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Four Odds

Just four teams are left to battle it out through the semi-finals and then just two teams will be left to play in the final game of the Cricket World Cup this year, and to be fair to each of those teams they have rightly earned their respective place in those semi-finals.

However, as far as the outright betting markets go, now is the right time to place a bet on any team you do think is going to win, and I say that due to the fact the odds on the two teams that will be left in that coemption once the semi-finals are played off are not going to be as high as they are right now.

Most punters are of the mind that it will be either India or England that have the very best chance of winning the Cricket World Cup in 2019, and that is reflected by the odds being offered by most betting sites too, as most of them have those two teams chalked up as the joint favourites to win.

Therefore if you do fancy placing a bet on either India or England do not expect to be offered odds any higher than 7/4 which are the odds most bookies are laying right now, but if you do spot any betting site that has higher odds than those then make sure you secure them rapidly.

Bet on the last Few Cricket World Cup Matches Instead

You are not going to be forced to have to place a bet on the team that you think is going to go on to win the Cricket World Cup this year, for the last few matches that are still be to played off will be offering you plenty of individual betting opportunities.

With that thought at the forefront of your mind do make a point of taking a look over any of the upcoming match betting markets that are available at out feature betting sites to get an idea of just which additional betting opportunities are going to be available to you.

What are the Chances of Australia and New Zealand?

You could of course look for the value in this betting market and the one team that does offer very real value right now is Australia, and if you get a move on you are going to be able to secure odds of 5/2 on them winning.

As for those of you that are very loyal and avid fans of the New Zealand team, well as they are still in this competition there is always the chance they could breeze through the semi0finals and secure a place in the final, and could of course then go on to win the final too, and if you think that is exactly what is going to happen then make sure you shop around and get outright winner odds of them of at the very least 9/1 as those are the odds that are available readily out there right now at several bookies sites.