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Cross Country Women Drammen Sprint Betting

Today I want to give you a sneak preview of the state of the current futures betting markets on a  range of cross country women’s, Drammen sprint betting events that I have spotted which may interest a few of you out there.

The following event are all going to be taking place on the 12th of March, so you have a good few days to try and work out where your money should be going on each of them, and some of the competitors do have some fair odds attached to them based on their current form.

Take for example the Laura Gimmler vs. Anna Svendsen match betting odds for example, and be aware that the odds quoted throughout this betting news story are up for grabs at BetHard, as too is our exclusive sign up bonus offer.

Laura Gimmler is the outsider to win that event which is starting at 12:00 for she is available at odds of 7/4, the smart money however is pouring in on Anna Svendsen which has resulted in her odds dropping down to just 2/5, but make no mistake about it she is still a fair bet event at those odds!

Jessica Diggins is another Must Place Bet

Another sprint event is going to see Sandra Ringwald up against Jessica Diggins, and the odds available on both women do tell their own story, for it is hard to see Sandra Ringwald winning even though her odds of doing so are 21/20 and you will be best advised placing a bob or two on Jessica Diggins whose odds to win are 5/7.

You will not find a betting site offering huge odds on Hanna Falk to beat Moa Lundgren, for Falk really is in form and the best odds I did find on offer on her winning are 4/13, and as for the chances of Lundgren winning, well she is up against it to be fair at her odds of 43/20.

Another one-sided match up sees Jonna Sundling up against Maja Dahlqvist as for where you should be placing your money if that is a sprint event that has caught your eye and attention, well the odds being offered on Jonna Sundling are 9/5 and Maja Dahlqvist is the rock solid favourite to win at her short odds of just 20/51!

It does appear that Krista Parmakoski is certainly going to take all the beating in her sprint event against Ida Ingemarsdotter, at 2/3 to win that event Parmakoski should give you a fine display if you are planning on watching it and as for just what odds you can bag on Ingemarsdotter, well at 11/10 to win she is in with a slight chance of doing so it does have to be said.

The final bet of the day is on the Sophie Caldwell vs. Sadie Bjornsen sprint event and there is nothing separating both women as you can back them both at odds of 20.23 at BetHard, so I will leave it up to you to decide who to place your money on as that event could go either way.