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Different Types of Golf Bets

The number of golf tournaments held each year is of course huge, and betting on golf is something a lot of people do. Much like all other sports you will however find there are loads of unique bets that can be placed on such tournaments and this guide is going to introduce you to them all.

The trick when betting on any sport however is to secure the highest possible odds, and that is going to take some time, for all bookmakers will have their own set of odds attached to each of their golf betting markets.

In fact, bonuses are often offered to customers that sign up to certain betting sites and daily promotional offers can and often do ensure that punters are able to get lots of extras when betting at certain betting sites too.

Best Betting Site for Golf Odds and Bets

As for where you are much more likely to discover the biggest range of betting markets on golf tournaments, well I am confident that any of the featured betting sites you see listed through this website will be offering you plenty of choice when it comes to betting on golf.

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Golf Bets Explained

Let me now move onto giving you something of an overview as to each of the many different golf related bets and wagers that will be on offer to you whenever a golf tournament is scheduled to start, keep in mind though as mentioned above all betting sites will be offering their own set of odds on each of the following betting markets and bet types.

Tournament Winner

The most basic type of golf bet is one on which you need to try and work out just which golfer is going to win a tournament, and with their usually being so many golfers taking part in them the odds you can secure before a tournament actually begins on each of them can be quite high and very appealing too.

The odds you take however when placing such a bet will be the ones that you will be paid out at as per the stake you choose to place on any golfer.

Event Specials

Now many betting sites can and will dream up a range of event specials, and those are simply bets that are novelty in nature and could add another level of fun to your betting experience, one such special bet is for a named golfer to score a hole in one for example.

To Make or Miss the Cut

The make or miss the cut bet is not going to give you a huge range of betting options for those types of bets will see you having to decide whether a golfer will make the cut or will miss the cut and as such they offer a 50-50 chance of winning to punters.

Top 5 Finish and Top 10 Finish

To give you a slightly lower risk of actually losing when you think a golfer is going to do well in any upcoming golf tournament, most betting sites will let you place a bet on any one individual golfer to finish in either the top 5 to the top 10 positions on that tournament.

Obviously the odds you will be able to secure on any golfer will be much lower when betting on those betting markets but that is due to there being more chance of you winning.

Margin of Victory

Another unique type of bet you can place on golf is the margin of victory. You will be best advised to look at the list of available options when placing this bet and then trying to make an informed guess as to just what the margin of victory will be before placing your bet.

Play Off To Decide The Winner?

The play off to decide the winner betting market is another low risk type of betting opportunity on golf tournaments of you are faced with nothing more complicated than betting yes or no when you place a bet on such a betting market, the odds however as you would expect on both outcomes will be very low, and less than even money in most cases!

Tournament Match Bets DNB

A match bet could be designed in such a way that a bookmaker will list two golfers and you are faced with simply picking out the one that will win, be aware that on this type of betting market the draw is taken out of the equation, and as such a match bet end up seeing the two golfers draw then you will get your stake money returned to you.

Group Betting

Another type of betting market is called a group bet, and you will see a list of golfers on each of those group betting markets and will be offered odds as per the ones you select. The odds being offered to you will of course vary from betting site to betting site so always be prepared to shop around.

Each-Way Golf Bets

Another type of bet that is often on offer on a range of different sporting events is an each-way bet, and when placing such a bet you have to pick out a golfer and place a two part bet on them, the first half covers that golfer to win and the other one covers them to be placed in one of the top positions of the final leader board.