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Early Betting on the NIFL Premiership

With punters across the globe now trying to make sense of the early and futured betting markets on many different football leagues that are going to be in play this season in many different countries of the world, you should never overlook some much closer to home.

Take for example the NIFL Premiership betting markets, there are no shortages of bookies offering odds on that league and it is the outright winner betting market that I want to cast my rather weary football betting eyes over today, so read on for some pointers as to the teams that are being backed early.

A long as you keep in mind that the odds on any team you do rate the chances of winning the NIFL Premiership title this season are going to be bouncing all over the place in value, as each match is played off, then you will often spot a value packed betting opportunity on most teams at some point in the season.

However, it is often only on the futures betting markets that you are going to find fairly high odds being offered on the favourite to win a league such a s this one, much more so if a team keeps winning match after match, as that teams odds will drop, the early money is coming in for two teams however those being Linfield at 7/4  and the Crusaders at 5/2.

Other Possible Winners of the NIFL Premiership

My money is going on the top two teams to be perfectly honest to win the title this season, for try as I may I cannot make a case for any of the other teams, that isn’t to say of course that you cannot make a case for any of them and you may actually rate rather highly one of the other teams to win.

I you do then it appears currently that there are just four other teams with any realistic chance of winning this league this upcoming season and those four teams and their current early betting odd are Ballymena at 7/1, Glenavon at 8/1, Cliftonville at 10/1 and  Larne who to be fair are very easy to ack right now at odds of 12/1.

Outsiders Not Worth Backing Right Now

They do say that a fool and his money are soon parted and if you choose to back any of the above teams and possibly also Coleraine at 20/1 and Glentoran at 25/1 then you cannot be described as a fool as one of those teams are bound to win.

However, I do think it would be foolish to place any high valued bets on any of the other teams that are going to be playing in the NIFL Premiership this season, for their respective chance of success are tiny, and as for what their outright winner early betting odds are, well they are Dungannon Swifts at 150/1, Warrenpoint Town at 200/1 and two teams I doubt anyone will be backing no matter how high their odds are being offered at, are both Carrick Rangers and Institute who are now being offered at odds of 250/1.