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Euro 2020 Qualifier Betting Groups A, B and C

It is going to be one hell of a major shock for England fans if that team does not qualify for Euro 2020, and looking at the Group they have been drawn in, that being Group A you can see why the bookies are running scared of them heading that table.

In fact, there is no way in this world that you can back England to head Group A, and I say that due to the very obvious fact that most bookies have England listed at odds of 1/80 to do just that, in fact at those skinny odds you cant even perm them together in acca bets as there is no value there at all.

The other teams in that Group and their odds for reference at the Czech Republic at 25/1 and Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo are all on offer at high odds of 100/1, but surely there is no way in the world any of them could toppled England in this Group?

Group B Winner Betting

The bookies currently have their eyes on three teams that are likely to head Group B once the qualifiers have all been played off, and the first of those teams is Portugal and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they are the team you fancy backing and if so their win odds are 11/10.

The odds on both Ukraine and Serbia to head Group B are the same on the early betting markets and for reference those odds are 21/10. I think you can safely dismiss the chances of Luxembourg who are 250/1 shots and Lithuania who are on offer at even higher valued odds those being 500/1.

Group C Winner Betting

Moving onto the current state of the Group C betting market, well with Germany being in that Group you will not be surprised to discover they are the favourite to head the Group and as such you will find odds of just 1/2 being touted on them.

Holland are the only other team worth backing in this Group to be top of the table once the matches have all been played off, and as for the odds available on them well I would say they are reasonable at 2/1.

There are just five teams in this Group and as such those other teams are readily available at some massive odds such as Northern Ireland being 20/1 and Belarus and Estonia are both completely friendless in the betting markets at gigantic odds of 500/1!

If you would much prefer to bet on the matches that are being played in any of the three Groups listed above, then I would advise you to wait until several bookies do have their Euro 2020 Qualifier betting markets open rather just rush to find one bookie that is offering odds on each match.

As that way you will be able to compare the odds being offered on the teams you want to win and can bet with the bookie offering you the best odds.