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Euro 2020 Qualifier Betting Groups D, E and F

It is going to be your decision as to just when you should start betting on the Euro 2020 Qualifiers, however it is safe to say that as there are so many bookies offering odds on each team and on each team to top their respective Group, there is some value to be had by betting early.

In this betting news story, I am going to be letting you know just what odds you can currently secure on each team in Groups D, E and F to win their respective Group and top the table in those Groups once they have played of each match.

Regarding the teams that are the current favourites to win Group D, well they are Denmark at even money and Switzerland whose odds do give you a good insight into their chances, being as they are being offered at or around the 6/5 mark right now.

Ireland at 11/2 is the only other possible team that could win Group D, and as for the chance of the two other teams those being Georgia at 100/1 and Gibraltar at 500/1, their odds do give you a very clear indication of just how low their chances are of heading Group D!

Group E Winner Betting

As for the most likely winner of Group E, well it’s safe to say there are only two teams that you should be concentrating your betting efforts on in that Group the first being Croatia at 2/5 and Wales at 11/4.

There is very little chance that you are going to see Slovakia heading that Group once each match has been played off and that is why they are 10/1 shots, Hungary for the record are 18/1 and Azerbaijan are the rank outsiders at 250/1 to be the top team in the table of Group E

Group F Winner Betting

Fans of the Spanish team will have already been celebrating their luck no doubt, for looking at the other teams that make up Group F, Spain have every chance in the world of heading that Group and also of making mincemeat of each team they play in that Group too!

However, that does of course mean that you are not going to find high odds on Spain, in fact the best odds I have so far come across on the Group F winner being Spain are 1/7, so you are going to have to put on some hefty bets to get a decent winning pay-out on them!

As for the other teams involved in this Group, well Sweden at 5/1 looks a fair bet and as Norway are trading at around the 14/1 mark, if you do rate their chances and I am more than confident some of you out there will, those odds are there for the taking.

The three other teams include Romania who are easy to back right now at all betting site and odds of 25/1 are being offered on them. And then you have both Malta and the Faroe Islands at 500/1.