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German Grand Prix Race Winner Betting Markets

Plenty of different sporting events are of course going to be held at some point in the day tomorrow, however one that a very large number of people are going to be tuning in and watching live on TV is of course the next German Grand Prix, and what a race that promises to be.

What I would like to do today, as I do know that some of you out there will be as ever eager as usual to place a bet on that race, is to take a look at the drivers that are being backed and some that aren’t, and give you some ideas as to the odds that are currently on offer on those drivers too.

Bookies will of course want you to back at the very least one driver to win the German Grand Prix tomorrow and it would appear that one driver that they would prefer you didn’t back was L. Hamilton, for he does have a great chance of winning which is reflected in his current 4/5 win odds.

One driver that I do know many of you out there will be eager to win the German Grand Prix is V. Bottas, and if you are of the mind that tomorrow is going to be the day he shines then you can back him right now at odds of 7/2.

Bigger Odds More Risk

The odds mentioned in this German Grand Prix betting news story are subject to change at any time, so do keep that in mind and if you rate the chance of any driver then you will need to act quickly to secure the odds you see showcased.

There are three more drivers that could tempt you into backing them based on the fairly decent odds that most betting site are offering on each of them, and they are C. Leclerc at 6/1 and then next in the betting you have both S. Vettel and M. Verstappen at 13/2.

Huge Odds on All Other Drivers

The odds do shoot through the roof on each of the other drivers that are going to be involved in the German Grand Prix tomorrow, however that isn’t surprising for the rest of the drivers have very little chance of winning.

Just so you know though, if you are thinking about backing an outsider and the one you fancy backing is P. Gasly then do not take odds any lower than 125/1 as they are the best odds currently available on him winning.

The drivers who are all available at odds of 750/1 are D. Ricciardo, L. Norris, C. Sainz and R. Grosjean, N. Hulkenberg and K. Raikkonen and for those of you that cannot resist backing the rank outsiders, well you are going to easily be able to secure odds right now of 1000/1 at least on the rest of the field those being drivers likes D. Kvyat, S. Perez, R. Kubica, A. Albon, L. Stroll, A. Giovinazzi, K. Magnussen and G. Russell. All of whom are up against it by the way.