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How to Bet on Rugby Matches

Today is the day when I am going to be taking a look at the world of Rugby betting, for much like all other sports there are plenty of punters and fans of Rugby that are going to be eager to place a bet on any matches they are planning on watching.

With Rugby leagues, tournaments and a huge number of individual matches always being played across the globe each week, there are never going to be any shortages of Rugby related events of you to bet on, and below you will find some of the most commonly available bets on that sport and a few unique betting opportunities listed too.

I should also point out that it doesn’t matter whether you have an interest in Rugby Union or Rugby League, when it comes to individual betting opportunities, you really are going to find more than enough of them on both codes of the sport.

Best Betting Sites for Rugby Betting Markets

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Types of Rugby Bets and Wagers

As you will see from below, there is an overview of each of the many different types of bets that are available on Rugby matches, Leagues and Tournaments, and as such please do read on to find out how each type of bet works and has been structured, as you are bound to find some of them appealing to you.

Full Time Betting

The most basic type of bet available from any betting site, sportsbook or bookie on a Rugby match will be the full time betting market.

Punters are faced with simply picking out which team they think will win that match and will be able to take the odds displayed alongside that team on the betting market at the betting site they are placing a bet at, those odds can and will vary though from betting site to betting site!

Handicap Full Time Match Betting

Some Rugby matches are going to be well balanced regarding the form and the likelihood of either team winning that match, but there will often be one team that is expected to win and therefore the odds available on them doing so will be very low and often so low it isn’t worth backing that team.

That is when it will be worth taking  quick look over the Handicap Full Time betting markets for the betting sites will give the underdog a head start in the score of that match for betting purposes, therefore the odds on the favourite will be increased in value often making them a much better betting proposition.

Half Time Full Time Betting

As for getting some much higher valued betting odds on Rugby matches, do consider playing a half time full time bet, as the odds available are always going to be higher on that betting market than they will ever be on the match betting markets.

You need to try and work out whether it will be a draw, or the home team or away team will be winning at the half time point in the game and then also predict the outcome of the match at the final whistle to win when placing such a bet.

Highest Scoring Half

If you are planning on watch a Rugby match then you will of course be hoping there is plenty of action in that match and you will find quite a number of betting sites now offer a bet on which you can try and predict just which half will be the highest scoring one.

First Team to Score

You will also be able to place a bet on just which team you think is going to score first, and with the odds of you selecting the winning team being 50-50 this is a fairly low risk bet to place.

However, it will of course be the favourite team to win any Rugby match that is going to have the lowest odds on them scoring first, but there is of course nothing stopping the underdog from doing so and that is where the value lays on such bets!

Last Team to Score

Do not expected to be offered huge odds on either team to be the last team to score in any upcoming Rigby match, for with just two possible options available on this type of betting market the odds are never going to be huge on either team.

Winning Margin

The winning margin betting markets are always worth a quick glance over at least, if you have a feeling one side is going to win by a certain margin, and there will be odds offered on most of the likely margins and some that could happen, but may seem unlikely, and the more unlikely a winning margin is the bigger the odds will be!

Just keep your wits about when if you do choose to make use of this betting market, for there is of course going to be plenty of different ways a match could end, but having said that it is possible to win big when betting for small stakes.