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How to Bet on the Grand National

Many workplaces run sweepstakes in the run up to the annual Grand National, which is of course the most bet on race of the English horse racing calendar, and as such you may already have randomly been allocated a horse on such a sweepstake.

However, dependent on just which horse you may have picked, the odds on it may be high and you may fancy placing a bet on that horse or you may fancy backing another horse, or have been tasked with placing bets for some of your other family members.

If so then today I want to run through some of the many different types of bets that you can place on the Grand National, which is run over at the Aintree racecourse, and I also want to point you in the right direction of just which betting site you should be placing your bets and wagers at.

Whilst you could of course simply pop along to your nearest betting shop to place such bets, there are guaranteed to be a huge range of promotional offers available to you when you choose to bet online, and therefore you are such more likely to get offered lots of extras when betting online than you ever would when placing a Grand National bet in a bookies betting shop!

Where to Place Grand National Bets Online

As it is by new customers signing up to place a bet online on the Grand National that most betting sites acquire new customers, what you will often find is that in the run up to the Grand National and on the morning before the race most bookies will be offering you an incentive to sign up to their betting sites.

So if you do fancy placing a bet on the Grand National this year make sure you check through each of our featured betting sites by clicking onto our website links that take you to their website.

By doing so you will then discover just what new customer sign up bonus offer is available to you and you will also instantly qualify for that bonus when you register as a new customer at each betting site too.

Placing a Simple Win Bet

If you want to simply back a horse to win the Grand National then you need to work out which horse you wish to bet on, the amount you wish to stake and whether you want to take the odds offered to you at the time of you placing such a bet or take the starting price of the horse which is also referred to as the S.P.

The Starting Price or S.P is the average odds that were on offer by bookmakers at the course at the time of the horse racing starting, and your winnings will be multiplied by the odds you took or the starting price if you pick the winner and your stake money is also returned to you too.

Each-Way Betting on the Grand National

You can back a horse each-way in the Grand National and by doing so you are placing a bet with two equal stakes, and will have placed a winning bet if your horses finishes first or in any of the top few positions in the race.

Just be aware that different bookies offer a different set of payout terms on such bets, so always place a bet with a bookie that payouts out to more places and gives you a higher percentage of the win odds on the place part of such a bet.

Straight Forecast Bets

A Straight Forecast bet is one on which you need to pick out two horses to finish first and second in the Grand National in the right order however a Reverse Forecast which is a bet on which you need to place twp stakes covers your chosen horses to finish first and second in that race in any order, but they must finish first and second.

It is up to you just how much you place on such a bet, and the odds on the horses you back will ultimately determine the value of the declared dividend which is announced after the race is run.

That dividend is then what the bookies will use to payout any winning, and is declared to a £1 stake, so if you place a 10p straight forecast that wins you are paid out 10% of the dividend, whereas if you place a £10 straight Tricast you are paid out 10 times the declared straight forecast dividend.

Tricast Betting on the Grand National

There is one additional bet that you are always going to have the option of placing on the Grand National and that is a bet known as a Tricast bet.

That bet will require you to try and work out just which horses you think are going to finish first, second and also third in that race in the correct order. You can place a bet of any value on a Tricast bet, and the payouts that can be awarded you will be high if you do pick the three horses to pass to finishing post in the right order.

Once you have placed such a bet you can then sit back and watch the race and once the race has ended, if you have placed a winning Tricast bet there will be an announcement from the racecourse as to what the Tricast dividend is.

That dividend will be declared to a £1 stake, and you will be paid out as per the amount you wagered on that bet, if for example you placed a 50p Tricast bet you will get half of the dividend, but if for example you placed a £5 Tricast bet and it won then you will win five times the declared dividend.

You can also per together three horses to finish first, second and third in any order but when you do so you will be required to pay six stakes, which covers those horses to finish first, second and third but in an order.