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Hurling Bets and Wager Types

Hurling is of course a sport that is very big over in Ireland, but make no mistake about it, when it comes to betting on that sport you are going to find plenty of value bets available, if you know what you are doing of course!

What this guide is going to do is to initially introduce you to a betting site that you can always rely on to give you a fair set of odds and a plethora of different bets and wagering opportunities too, and then I will move onto showcasing to you some of the bet types that are available on the sport of Hurling too.

Just keep in mind that it is a seasonal sport in Ireland and as such you will have the opportunity of betting on events such as the All Ireland Hurling Championship on the future betting markets and then can bet on any individual match that has caught your attention too.

Much like any other team sport though, there are going to be some teams that will be expected to do well throughout the Hurling season and always seem to do so, and some that sadly try as they may never seem to perform very well, and spotting the former is what you should be doing and then betting on them to win!

Where to Place Hurling Bets

As long as you do find a betting site that is offering you a very fair set of odds and plenty of different betting markets on the sport of Hurling, and does occasionally offer some form of promotional offers and deals then you should have an enjoyable and hopefully profitable time betting on that sport.

With that in mind and having spent quite some time checking through each of the many different top rated betting sites, bookies and sportsbooks listed throughout this website I am of the mind you are going to have by far and away the very best Hurling betting experience over at the Bruce Betting site.

That bookie does of course have a generous sign up bonus offer available to all of our website visitors, but to ensure that you qualify for it and get instant access to that sign up welcome bonus offer, you are going to have to click through our links to get to their website, so make sure that is something you do.

Once you have done so you can then start making sense of the upcoming Hurling matches and events and will be able to place your bets not only via their online betting platform but also by using their mobile betting app too.

They are famed for their lightning fast winning payouts, so if you do place any number of winning bets with them then as soon as you have requested a winning payout they are going to have those winnings winging their way to you in no time at all and in full too!

Outright Winner Betting

You will be able to place an outright winner bet on any individual Hurling match or any major Hurling competition before they start, and the futures markets are where you should be looking to place the latter.

The earlier you are able to place such a bet the much better odds you will find your chosen team will be on offer at, much more so if they do keep on winning the matches they then play off in the competition.

First Player or Team to Score

Some betting sites are going to be offering you odds on every single player in any match being the very first one to score, and the more likely the player is to score first then the lower the odds will be on that particular player.

You may also be offered odds on the first team to score too in any match however as that betting opportunity only has two possible outcomes do not expect the odds to be huge on both teams!

Correct Score Betting

The correct score betting markets are often the ones that punters will turn to when they want to try and secure a huge winning payout, for there are of course loads of different scores any Hurling match could end in.

Just try not to get too carried away though if you do decide to give that betting market and type of bet a try for the odds are going to be high for a reason!

Handicap Betting Markets

A handicap betting market is much more likely to be found on offer when one of the teams in an upcoming Hurling match are expected to win and are being offered at tiny odds on the outright match betting market.

Bookies will give the underdogs a head start regarding their score and as such that allows them to offer much higher odds on the favourite to win that match.

Each-Way Hurling Related Bets

Each-Way betting is a much more lower risk type of betting actively for when you place a bet on say a Hurling team each-way in any upcoming competition you will be placing two bets, one of which covers that team to win the competition, and the other half of the bet covers them to finish in one of the top positions in that competition.

Bookies are going to often be offering a different percentage of the win odds though on the place part of that bet and will often pay out to a different number of places too, so the onus is always going to be on you to find a bookie offering the very best and most generous each-way betting terms.

Placing Acca Bets on Hurling Matches

Placing several team son one single bet and then hoping they all win is something many fans of Hurling will do, for is all of the teams they select win the winnings and stakes from each winning team roll over onto the next team on their bet, and those  types of bets are known as Acca or Accumulator bets.