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Latest Tour De France Betting

The most bet on and watched race of the cycling racing season is of course the Tour de France, and this year much like all others, there are loads of riders that could beat their odds and come out on top and win the race, once each of the many stages have been run.

However, when it comes to the riders that have an outstanding chance of winning, it is hard to look much further than Bernal, however punters have been backing him for quite some time now and as for just what odds are still generally on offer on him, well they are 2/1.

There has also be plenty fop punters eager to back the next many in the betting, and that is of course Thomas, and the volume of bets placed on him so far has seen his odds slowly coming down to the  5/2 odds that are no on offer at most bookies.

Being the race it is and as for the stages which are gruelling to say the least, some other riders that may just come out on top this year, and below I will be taking a look at some of the other riders who could just pull this race out of the bag.

Consider an Each-Way Bet

As you are going to be paid out to a number of places positions when backing any rider each-way as opposed to backing them to win this year’s Tour De France outright, then some of you out there may just fancy placing such a bet right now.

Just be aware at all times though you will need to find  bookie that is paying out to at least three places and at one quarter the win odds on the place part of those bets for you to get any value what so ever by backing a rider each-way.

Riders That Could Get Placed

Even if the top two first and second favourites do go on to win the Tour De France this year, one other rider is still going to finish in third position, and as such you may fancy trying to work out and bet on the rider you think will.

However, as there are some tempting odds attached to all other riders, if one of them does win then you will be laughing all the way to the bank if you did back them at this very early stage of the betting.

With that in mind if you are wondering just which other riders are in the betting and much higher up the betting markets than the others, well Fuglsang at 5/1 is the current third favourite and he is the last rider currently available in single odds.

You then have riders such as Yates at 12/1, Porte and Quintana both trading at 16/1, Pinot at 18/1 and the only other two riders that I do feel have any chance of getting placed, well they are Bardet and Kruijswijk at 20/1.