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Liverpool the Best Bet for Premier League Glory

It won’t take you very long to work out just which team you should be backing to take the Premier league title this season, even if you are not a very avid football fan, for with bookies offering Liverpool at short odds of just 2/7 to take the title it is of course that team that you should be backing.

If you do fancy the chances of Liverpool winning the Premier League title this season then please spend some time hunting around, for whilst most bookies do have them chalked up at odds of 2/7 you may find the odds bookie here and there that may be prepared to offer you even higher odds.

However, do also keep in mind that if you are of the mind that they are not going to win the title this year then you can take best from other punters in the hope they do not go on to win the title and you get to keep the stakes off those other punters.

To be in a  position to do just that you need to head on over to the Betfair betting exchange as by doing so you can lay odds to other punters on any type of sporting event, not only on the team you want to offer odds on to win the Premier League title.

Second Favourite Team

The second favourite team currently to take the Premier League title this season are Man City, however as bookies are going to be prepared to offer you odds of around the 10/3 mark on them doing so that does give you a very clear indication of just what their chances of winning the title are.

The third favourite team are Leicester, and if they do pull of the miracle of winning the Premier League title and you have backed them today then you will be happy with the 16/1 odds that you had secured as those are the odds being offered to punters by most betting sites right now.

Rank Outsider to Win the Title

Only the most hardened fan of teams such as Chelsea are going to be backing them at this stage of the season, for as to their chances of winning those chances are tiny which is of course reflected in the huge odds of 100/1 that punters can bag right now.

As for whether or not Tottenham could win the Premier League title this season, well they could but they are not expected to do so based on their win odds being 500/1 currently.

The same could also be said for the other three teams that you will find bookies offering you odds on, those teams being Arsenal, Man Utd and Wolves. For all three of those teams are chalked up with odds of 1000/1 attached to them to win the Premier League this season, so it would be something of a huge shock if any of them did manage to do so by the end of the season.