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New Ways to Bet on Virtual Sports

You may instantly take to betting on virtual sports or you may see it is a complete waste of time, but there is no getting away from the fact that all bookies are going to be offering a full daily schedule of virtual sporting events in their betting shops and also on their respective betting sites too.

If virtual sports are completely alien to you, what you need to be aware of is that they offer you a way of betting not on real life sporting events, but ones that are going to be using computer generated graphics to show the sporting event being played out.

In for example the case of a virtual horse race you are going to be given odds on each horse in that race and then a random number generator is going to be used to pick the winners of the race and then virtual horses, often called cartoon horses by punters will then be shown on the bookies TV screens or via your computer screen running that race.

The odds of each horse though are determined by the likelihood of the random number generator picking out that horse as the winner.

So for example when you see such a race and the odds attached to it keep in mind that it is like a raffle, with the favourite to win having more tickets in the race that the second favourite and the second favourite will have more entries in that raffle that the third favourite and so on.

The random number generator can of course pick out any horse to win, and will also pick the second and third placed finishers in the race and each of the other horses positions too.

Where to Bet On Virtual Sports

If you do fancy betting on virtual sports then I would advise you to take a look over the William Hill betting site for by doing so you are going to find they have such sporting events running 24 hours a day and they do have plenty of different virtual sporting events too.

They also offer a range of different bets and wagers on those virtual sporting events too and below I will give you a run through of which types of virtual sporting events are available via their betting site and also in their betting shops too.

You are also advised to click through any of our William Hill links to get to their website as by doing so you will then be able to make use of their sign up bonus offer, the terms and conditions  of that welcome bonus offer can be found on the William Hill website of course.

Virtual Horse Racing

Horse racing was the very first type of sporting events available in the virtual sporting environment and you are going to be able to bet on which horses you think will win any race, you can back them each way too and you will of course be able to place straight forecast and Tricast bets on those races.

The main attraction for punters of backing virtual horses is that their chosen horses will never fall or run out and they are available over flat courses and jump courses too.

Virtual Greyhound Races

Greyhound racing is another type of sporting event that you are now going to find have been turned into virtual events, and much like when betting on horses you do have plenty of ways you can choose to bet on such races.

Most virtual greyhound races will have six runners in them much like those races found in real life greyhound races but some of them could have eight greyhounds running in them instead

Virtual Cycling

One of the much more recent additions to the virtual sports betting environment are cycling races, and as such if you fancy broadening your horizons and betting on a range of different virtual cycling races then all betting sites that offer them to you are going to be giving you plenty of betting opportunities.

Virtual Motor Racing

There seems to be no end of different sporting events that have been turned into virtual events over the years and another one that has actually proven to be very popular with punters are virtual motor races.

They are played out fast and furiously so you will soon discover whether you have won or lost when betting on them, and they can of course be the type of virtual sporting events in which you could in big but it’s all dependent on the type of bets you place and the odds you chosen drivers win at as to just how much you do stand to win.

Virtual Speedway

Watching virtual riders battling to get their motorbikes up in front and finishing each race in first position is quite fun to be perfectly honest, and virtual speedway is yet another of the ever growing range of sporting events that you are going to be able to bet on if you do find yourself drawn to that type of betting environment.

Much like all of the other sporting events that are race based listed above you are always going to be offered a range of different betting opportunities on these races other than you just being permitted to pick the virtual rider you think will win a race outright.

Virtual Football

One final sport that is now a virtual sport too is football, and believe it or not you are going to be able to bet on all manner of different outcomes in those virtual football matches much like you can do on real life football matches.

I should point out those each of these races do not last for 90 minutes, for they will just how the highlights of each match so they will be in play for less than a minute, but they do certainly offer by far and away the most unique of betting opportunities many of which may just appeal to you too!