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Novelty Sports Betting Wagers

There can often be times when punters fancy placing a range of bets that they never usually place, and that is often the time that many of them will make use of the novelty betting markets that are available at many different betting sites.

The one thing that I can guarantee you of though when you do make use of such a betting market is that there will be all manner of weird and wonderful bets on offer. However, some of the betting opportunities will be so farfetched that only mug punters will be prepared to bet on them!

That said though, there will always be some interesting betting opportunities attached and on offer on novelty sport betting markets, and what I will be doing today its taking a look at some of the ones that you may be interested in betting on.

Plus, below you will also find the name of one particular betting site that is guaranteed to be offering you a massive range of novelty sports betting markets throughout the year, and that betting site is always leading the way regarding the odds on offer on those betting opportunities too.

Best Betting Site for Novelty Sports Bets

Now it will be the Paddy Power site that you are not only going to find one of the largest selections of novelty sport betting markets at, but also all manner of valuable betting promotional offers too, and as such if you don’t yet have an account with them then you should open one up right now.

There is of course a huge valued sign up bonus available at Paddy Power, and to get instant access to that sign up offer simply click through any of our website links, but do make sure that you read through their terms and conditions of that offer.

The unique betting opportunities that are going to be on offer to you at Paddy Power will be wide and varied too, so always spend some time working your way through them for I am more than confident you are bound to find at the very least one novelty betting opportunity that will spark an interest in you when you do so!

Snooker 147 Betting

You may be a fan of snooker and of so then one betting opportunity that often does have some impressive odds attached it is regarding any player getting a 147 break.

In fact, it will not only be you celebrating if your chosen player you back does make a 147 break, for most snooker tournaments have a special prize fund on offer for the very first player if any does manage to achieve such a thing!

Golf Hole in One

Now believe it or not, scoring a hole in one is not something that rarely happens in golf matches, and as such do not expect to find some truly enormous odds on offer if you do fancy the chances of a golfer getting one.

However, Paddy Power are famed for their many additional golf related novelty betting markets and as such you will always find a range of unique bets on offer to you often with odds attached that force you to place such bets too!

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Each year the BBC hold their annual sports personality of the year award ceremony and over the years there have been some surprise winners of that award, and as such once again you will be able to place a bet on just which person, man or woman that you think will win that award.

You will also find a range of other awards that for example footballers and jockeys could win, such as the young player of the year award or the top flat or jump jockey of the season, and as such make no mistake about it you will have plenty of betting opportunities available to you.

Football Manger Sackings

There isn’t a year that goes by without at the very least one football club manager getting the sack, and that had led to quite a number of betting sites offering their customers odds on a range of managers that due to one reason or another, usually though the poor performance of the team they manage performing very badly are likely to get the boot.

Darts 180 Scores

Darts is another sports category that does get a huge amount of attention from punters, and you will find that you can place a bet on just how many 180 scores either a single player will get in any one darts match or the total number of 180’s that will be scored by both players in any upcoming match.

Just keep in mind that that isn’t a rare score, and as such there could be and often are a large number of 180’s scored in most darts matches.

Betting Without the Favourite

When there is for example a horse race scheduled to be run, it could be and often is the case that one of the horses is on offer at such tiny odds and is likely to win that race, that the odds available upon it are too low for any punters to be interested in taking.

That is often where many betting sites will offer a betting market without the favourite being named, and as such it doesn’t matter whether the favourite wins the race of not it will be removed from the race for betting purposes.

So if your chosen horse is second to the favourite then it will be deemed to be the winner, and as such you will get paid out at the odds the bookies offered you when placing a bet without the favourite.

It is not only horse races that you will find such novelty betting markets available on, for there will often be several other sporting events on which this type of betting market is available, so do always consider making use of such a betting market if the current favourite to win any sporting event has ridiculously low odds attached to it!