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Outright Betting on the Challenge Cup 2019

It won’t be very long now until we know just which team is the 2019 winner of the Challenge Cup, but with several matches still yet to be played in that tournament there is still time of you to place a bet on the team that you think is going to come out on top and win it.

But as soon as you take a look at the current form and standing of each team left in that competition, you will see that it is St Helens who are the favourite to win, so do not expect to be rewarded with huge odds if you do fancy their chances.

In fact, the best odds I have so far seen being offered by a bookie on St Helens winning the Challenge Cup this year are 5/6, and it is Betfred that are offering those odds, if you do fancy securing them.

As for the next team in the betting, well there is a case to be made for Warrington, and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they did go on to win this tournament, and they are a fair bet right now at odds of 2/1 to win the Challenge Cup this year.

What Odds Hull FC?

If the top two teams listed above suddenly lose their form, then it could be the case that the current third favourite to win could steal their thunder and win the Challenge Cup this season.

That team is Hull FC, and quite a few punters are of the mind that they do have a reasonable chance of success and have been backing them to win at their current odds of 4/1, which may start to drop if they do win their next match.

Bradford and Halifax Surely Cannot Win

All five teams that are involved in the Challenge Cup this year do of course have a chance of winning it, however I am of the mind that it will be one of the three listed up above that will win it, rather than the two teams that I haven’t yet looked at.

Those two other teams are of course Halifax and Bradford, and it will be something of a major shock if either of them do go on to win the Challenge Cup, for the odds that are on offer are currently 80/1 on Bradford and even higher odds of 100/1 on Halifax winning.

Those two teams however can be backed at any betting exchange and one of the advantages of betting on either of them at such a site is that other users of those betting exchanges will be offering much higher odds than 80/1 and 100/1.

In fact, you are going to be able to ask for any odds you like on those two teams, and looking at the form of Bradford and Halifax you are likely to find someone prepared to lay you those much higher odds, so get on over to Betfair if you are convinced that it will be one of the underdogs that will win.