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Overnight UFC 236 Matches

For those of you wish an interest in UFC 236 bouts, keep in mind that overnight tonight there are going to be quite a number of them in action, and you need to factor in the time differences between the UK and the US if you want to bet on any of them.

The betting site I can whole heartedly recommend for anybody that does fancy betting on any of those bouts is BetFred, for as they always tend to do they have some decent odds attached to each of the two fighters in each bout, so locking in some value will be a breeze when you do bet at their betting site.

The very first bout of the evening is starting at 23:15 tonight and that is of course the one between Davis and Costa, the odds on each fighter does tell their own story, and it is Davis that most punters should be backing as his win odds of 4/7 mean he is going to take some beating.

Moving onto the 23:45 bout tonight, that is the Mueller v Botelho bout, and the odds on both of those two fighters are the exact same one sin the above match, and they are 11/8 on a Mueller win and 4/7 on Botelho winning, and it is the latter fighter that should come out on top.

14th of April 2019 Early Morning UFC 236 Bouts

Just after midnight tonight the UK at 00:15 the Jackson v Soukhamthath bout will be starting, that is another match, in fact one of the most one-sided bout of the early hours, for it is Jackson that is expected to win sadly though at tiny odds of just 1/6!

Then at 00:45 in the UK you will be able to watch the Millender v Muhammad match, that is a very close bout though and one that could go either way but it is Muhammad that is just about the favourite and his win odds to win that bout could tempt you being as they are 8/11.

Additional Bouts Worth Betting On

I have singled out for additional UFC 236 bouts that I do feel are certainly worth a punt on  in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and the first one will be starting at 01:15 and that is the Salmon v Taha bout and you will be best advised to back Salmon at his current win odds which for reference are 4/6.

Then at 01:45 you will also get to see the Griffin v Imadaev match, Griffin’s odds to win that bout are even money but all things considered I feel it will be Imadaev that should come out on top and I for one am backing him to do so at BetFred as they are offering odds of 4/5 on him winning that bout which I feel are certainly fair odds.

The 02:15 Reis v Pantoja bout is expected to go the way of Pantoja and his win odds are 4/5 and at 02:45 on the Turner v Frevola bout Turner appears to have the upper hand or should do and his odds are also 4/5 to win that bout too.