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Premier League Betting Opportunities

I have put together a separate and general guide to the many different types of football bets and wagers you can place, however I have also decided to compile this particular guide that is going to give you an insight into some of the unique betting opportunities that will be available to you in the Premier League.

Obviously that is the top league in professional football in the UK, and as far as the volume of bets placed each week throughout the English football season, it is on matches played in that league that punters do tend to bet the highest amount of cash collectively.

What I would also recommend if you are new to the world of online or mobile betting is that you stick to betting at any of our featured betting sites, however the one mentioned in the following section of this Premier League betting guide is famed for being one of the best betting sites for all football related bets.

Where to Bet on Premier League Matches

To be assured of fast payouts when you win, a large and diverse range of ongoing Premier League related betting markets and generous odds too, you should head on over to the Quinnbet betting site, for by doing so you will certainly find more than enough betting opportunities to keep you busy.

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Just so you know Quinnbet is a fully licensed and regulated betting site and one that does adhere to the very highest of industry standards, and they have been one of our top rated sportsbooks for quite a while now.

Premier League Match Goal Time Betting

One quite unique type of bet that you will be able to place on most if not all Premier League matches over at our featured betting site mentioned above is a Goal Time bet.

Six fifteen minute goal time options will be available to you on that betting market, those being 1 to 15 minutes, 16 to 30 minutes, 31 to 45 minutes, 46 to 60 minutes, 61 to 75 minutes and 76 to 90 minutes.

You simply need to use your skill and judgement to decided whether a goal will or will not be scored in any of those goal time options and place a bet on yes there will be a goal or no there won’t be a goal scored in any or all of them.

The odds offered will obviously vary, and it doesn’t matter which team scores if you place a yes a goal will be scored bet, so if either team does score within the time period on the bet you selected and you bet yes then your bet is a winner.

Named Players Will Score in Any Individual Match

You will also find a betting market then gives you the ability of picking out any one single player in any Premier League match and betting on them to score one or more goals in a match.

The options available on that type of betting market include being able to bet on one single player to score the first goal in any Premier League match, the last goal, to score any time in a  match, and you will also be able to bet on that player scoring two or more goals or even scoring at hattrick too.

Under/Over Goal Betting

It can sometimes be the case in an upcoming Premier League match you will be convinced that there will be a large number of goals scored in one match, or a match may be one that you think there will be no goals scored or just one or two at the least.

If that is the case on any upcoming matches you fancy betting on then take a look at the Under/Over goal betting markets, for by doing so you are guaranteed of finding at the very least one bet that will suit you down to the ground.

What you are faced with doing on those types of betting markets is picking out any of the betting opportunities available that will allow you to bet on there being under a certain number of goals scored or over a certain number of goals scored.

For example a bookie may offer Under/Over 2.5 goals betting markets and as such if you think there will be fewer than 2.5 goals scored in that match bet under, or if you think that there will be more than 2.5 goals scored then bet over.

Top Premier League Goal Scorer

Before the start of the Premier League season many unique long term betting opportunities will also be available to you at most if not all betting sites.

One of them will be the top Premier League goal scorer betting market, and that is a self explanatory betting market on which you simply have to pick out the player that you think will score the most goals during the season.

That betting market will then switch over to being a live in-play one as soon as the season starts and as you would expect therefore, the odds on all players will fluctuate during the season dependent on just how many goals they do go on to score.

Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked

If your favourite Premier League team is having a shocking season, then there is a good chance that the manager of that team may soon get sacked.

If you think that he ought to be and probably will be then also keep in mind you will often find a next Premier League manager to be sacked betting market, and by betting on your favourite teams manager if you want him to be sacked or think he should be, then if he is you will be celebrating twice, as he will finally be gone and your bet will have won too!