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Privacy Policy

It is always important to know and understand that when you are searching the web and visiting many different websites that you right to privacy is never compromised.

Being a responsible website operator we have put together our own unique Privacy Policy below and would encourage you to read it through, as by doing so you will see the steps we have taken to ensure you rights to privacy are always fully respected when visiting this website.

We do also have a cookie policy that you should read through and also please do pay a visit to and read through our terms and conditions section of this website too that are in place throughout this website.

No Registration Required

There is no requirement what so ever for you to sign up and register to make use of the Best Bets UK website, and as such you can come and go as many times as you like and will never be required to furnish us with any personal information when visiting this website.

There are however some requirements to supply us with your own personal information, for example if you decide to sign up to and make use of any email newsletters that we offer our website visitors.

You will also be required to supply us with some personal information if you choose to register to leave comments and posts or feedback on any of the articles, guides or news stories available throughout this website.

With that in mind in the next couple of sections I will give you an insight into the personal information you may be required to supply to use for the above intended purposes and what we will do and use that formation for.

Newsletters and Competitions

From time to time we may make available to you the option of signing up to receive our email newsletters, and as such if you are interested in receiving them then you will be required to supply us with your name and email address.

By aware that the personal information you supply when signing up to receive such email newsletters will only be used for its intended purpose, that being to allow us to send you out such email newsletters.

We may from time to time share that information with any of our handpicked third party companies that may be advertising a or promoting their websites and services in such email newsletters, so that they can identify you if you then go on to make use of such offers.

Any competitions we may offer our website visitors will require you to also supply us with your own personal information, such as your name, age, email address and physical address too.

That information will then allow us to send out any prizes that you may have won, also be aware that information may be shared with any third party companies that are sponsoring such competitions to enable them to send out any prizes you may have won for example.

Leaving Posts and Comments

Some of our website visitors may wish to leave comments and feedback on this website, and to do so they will be required to sign up to do so, and that will entail them supplying us with some of their own personal information.

If you do sign up to leave such messages and posts please select a username that will not identify you personally, and we will only ever share that information with any other organisations if we have been required to do so by law.

We reserve the right at all times to remove any posts or comments for any reason and to ban anybody we deem to be making unsuitable comments or posts too. By signing up to leave comments or posts on this website, then that is all you are signing up to do and you do not own and do not have any ownership rights to any part of this website.

Contacting Us

You are more than welcome to make contact with us at any time and once again when doing so we will respect your right to privacy when you make direct contact with us.

When contacting us via email your email address will only be used to reply to any questions you may have asked us and will never be used to send out to you any type of advertising or marketing material unless you have specifically requested such information be sent out to you.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on the 4th of February 2019 at 16:39