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Six Nations France vs. Scotland Betting

You are not going to have much longer to watch for the upcoming Six Nations match between France and Scotland, for that match is going to be taking place next Saturday, the 23rd of February and the match does start at 14:15 in the afternoon.

With that in mind I am more than confident that many of you out there will be on the hunt for a range of betting opportunities that are available at some decent odds, and below you will find several betting opportunities on that match that did catch my eye today.

Keep in mind that to ensure you are going to be able to secure the odds presented to you below, you are going to have to head on over to the BetHard betting site, as it will be their unique set of odds I will be quoting throughout today’s Rugby betting news story.

As for the odds on their most basic of betting market, well BetHard are offering France at odds of 5/9, the draw whilst unlikely does have some huge odds attached to it and those odds for reference are 18/1 and for those of you that are convinced that Scotland will win that match they are available at 7/5 to win that match.

Handicap Betting Market

BetHard have also levelled the betting on either team winning this match and they have done so via their handicap betting market that you will find available on their betting site.

On that handicap betting market they have France stating with -3.5 starting deficit and as such that has resulted in them offering odds on them winning of 50/57 and they have given Scotland a +3.5 start on that match which has enabled them to offer odds on them winning of 50/57.

Half Time – Full Time Betting

As you would expect the Half Time Full Time betting opportunities at BetHard on this match are quite appealing, well some of them are, and as such below you will find the odds available on all nine of the possible outcomes available on that betting market.

The France – France result option is available at odds of 5/4 and you can back France at half time and the match to end in a Draw at even bigger odds of 40/1 as for the Draw Draw result that returns odds of 70/1.

The France Scotland result is available at modest odds of 6/1 as too is the Scotland France half time full time result which is on offer at 11/2, but much bigger odds are available on all other possible outcomes such as the Draw France result at 25/1 and also the France Draw bet on which you can currently secure odds of 40/1.

As for the Scotland Scotland result the odds on that are just 2/1 and on the Draw Scotland full time half time result you can take odds of 28/1 over at the BetHard betting site.