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Snooker World Championship Qualifiers

There are a whole host of snooker match qualifiers that are going to be in play tomorrow as part of the World Championship, and that does of course mean that there are going to be ample opportunities for you to have a financial interest in any of those matches that do take your eye.

With that in mind, I have been scouring through the betting markets at each of our featured betting sites are offering on each of those matches and have found it is Paddy Power that are offering the best odds, and as such it will be their odds I will be quoting on the following betting guide.

The odds on the Michael Georgiou vs Lee Walker match are quite reasonable to be honest, but that is down to the simple fact that both player does have a fair chance of winning that match and as such if you fancy the chances of Georgiou winning then he can be backed right now at odds of 4/5 and you can also get offered even money on Walker if you think it will be he who wins that match.

Take the 4/11 on Hamilton

There could be some punters out there who are hesitant about backing snooker players that are being touted at many betting sites as the odds-on favourites to win their qualifier matches, however when you do fancy backing favourites there are plenty of them that could win their respective matches tomorrow.

Take for example the Anthony Hamilton vs James Wattana match, a quick look at the form of both of those players will show you that Hamilton is certainly the man in form and the man to back to win that match and that is what you should be doing and mopping up the 4/11 odds on him winning at Paddy Power, if you fancy the chances of Wattana however his win odds at that betting site are 2/1, which do tell their own story!

Put Multiple Players on an Acca Bet

You are not going to get rich backing the favourites to win their qualifier matches that are being played out tomorrow by backing them individually due to their win odds being so low and unappealing, but there will be value to be had by adding many of them onto an acca bet.

Paddy Power will of course allow you to perm any number of snooker players together on an acca bet and if you want to do so then one other player that should every easily win his match tomorrow is Thepchaiya Un-Nooh who is available at odds of 1/25 to beat Jonathan Bagley who is a 14/1 shot to win that match by the way!

The Gary Wilson vs Sanderson Lam is one that has the lowest odds I have seen on a favourite to win a snooker match in a  very long time and it is Wilson whose odds are 1/40 that should win that match with no real effort, Sanderson is being offered at win odds of 16/1 in that match but he surely cannot win!