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Snooker World Cup 2019 Betting Update

It is the British nations that are heading the early betting markets on the 2019 Snooker World Cup, and there will be plenty of betting opportunities available once those matches get underway, and with that in mind today I will be taking a look at the state of the outright winner betting markets.

It is England that is heading that betting market, however at their current odds of 3/1 I think its fair and true to say that they are not the red-hot favourite  to win the Snooker World Cup in 2019 and as such it may pay dividends for you to shop around and try and find higher odds on one of the other fancied teams.

It is Wales that is surprisingly the joint second current favourite, and I am aware that several punters have already placed some hefty bets on Wales coming out on top and winning this major snooker tournament this year and their odds are decent to be fair at 4/1.

As for which team is next in the betting, well that team is Scotland, and if you do fancy their chances and get a move on you should still be able to secure odds of or around the 4/1 mark, so do keep that in mind as they are the other joint second favourite to win if you fancy backing them.

You Can Bet Each-Way Too

With the odds on all teams being decent and high enough, that does of course mean by making sue of the early betting markets before this snooker tournament gets underway there is some value to be had by backing the team or teams you fancy each-way.

One half of the win odds are going to be paid out to you at most betting sites if you back any team each-way if that team finishes in first or second position on the each-way segment of such a bet and you will get the full odds on the win part of such a bet if your team finishes in the top position.

The Rest of the Teams

The only other teams that are attracting any type of support on the early betting markets include teams such as the China A team who are 5/1 along with the China B team and the Thailand team both of whom are easy to back right now at their odds of 10/1.

The other British nation is of course the Northern Ireland team, however they are not as fancied as the England, Wales and Scotland teams of their odds are much higher at or around the 16/1 mark, and they are closely followed in the betting by the Republic Of Ireland at 20/1.

Next you have the likes of Belgium at 22/1 and then Iran who are 25/1, and looking at the three digit odds attached to all other teams it will be something of a shock result if any of them do manage to win the Snooker World Cup in 2019, however anything is of course possible, so I wouldn’t put you off backing any team that you do fancy.