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Swansea Look a Solid Bet to Beat Bolton Tomorrow

As soon as you take a good look at the odds being offered to you at any betting site on the match tomorrow between Swansea and Bolton it will be hard to come to any other conclusion that Swansea are going to win that match.

Whilst I am more than confident there will be some punters out there that are prepared to take the 3/1 odds being offered at betting sites such as Ladbrokes, and will possibly be tempted by the huge win odds on Bolton which are 11/2, the most likely outcome on that match will be a win for Swansea.

It is true to say however that with odds of 1/2 being offered on a Swansea win you are not going to win big, unless of course you place some hefty bets on them to win it could be worth including Swansea in any accumulator or Acca bets as they are known tomorrow.

If that is something that is appealing then another team that will be backing is the home team in the Swindon vs. Colchester match, and I say that as once again Ladbrokes are offering some decent odds on them winning and those odds if you are interested are 7/5.

A Draw is Likely in the Wigan vs. Middlesbrough Match

The Wigan vs. Middlesbrough match tomorrow is going to be a good match to watch for sure, for with odds on a Wigan win of 21/10 and as the odds on Middlesbrough winning that match are 11/8 it could be a match either teams does go on to win.

However, I am of the mind that a draw is going to be the most likely outcome in that match and as such I for one am going to be taking the 2/1 draw odds which you should also consider doing too.

Some Other Teams to Back Tomorrow

To give you some additional teams to include on an Acca bet if that is the type of bet you are thinking about placing tomorrow, in the Wolves vs. Cardiff match the 1/2 odds may not seem that generous on Wolves winning hat match but I do feel they have a great chance of winning tomorrow.

Moving onto a tricky little match to try and make sense of, that being the Wrexham vs. Chesterfield match the three points in that match are likely to go to Wrexham who are another team worth including in your Acca bets tomorrow, and Ladbrokes are going 3/4 on them winning.

You may not have even realised that tomorrow Yeovil will be playing Morecambe at home, but that is another match that could be worth a bet.

The odds on Yeovil winning are 31/20, the draw odds are 21/10 but my money is going on Morecambe coming out on top, whilst admittedly that is something of a speculative bet the odds available on that team winning are too high to resist being as they are 9/5!