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Team Betting Markets on the Monaco Grand Prix

For those of you out there that have left it a bit late in the day to mop up the very best valued odds on the Monaco Grand Prix this year, just keep in mind that you do have plenty of different betting markets still available to you on that race at each of our featured betting sites.

One betting market that may catch your eye today is the team betting market on offer over at the BetFred betting site, for let’s face it in their current form the most likely team as opposed to driver to win is the Mercedes team, and BetFred still have what you could call a decent set of odds on offer on that team to come out on top and win.

Those odds are 3/10, but as that betting market is live and active and with the race scheduled for this coming weekend, if you do want to place a bet on the Mercedes team to win then you should be backing them right now.

There are some punters though that think it will be the Red Bull team that are going to be on the first place podium this year, and if that is a view that you share too you will be more than happy to take the 9/4 odds that BetFred are offering right now on Red Bull!

Could Team Ferrari Win?

In my opinion it is going to be one of the two teams named up above that is going to win this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, but there is always the chance that any of the lesser fancied teams could in.

As for just which other team has attracted some support on the futures betting markets that team is Ferrari who look a reasonable bet if you do rate their chance of success this year at odds of around the 7/1 to win.

Shop Around for Other Team Odds

Anybody that fancies the chance of any other team to win, should spend as much time as it takes for them to secure only the very highest odds attached to each other team for by doing so there is no doubt in my mind you will find some sites offering much higher odds than are generally on offer.

As for what odds you should be looking for on the other teams, well forget taking odds on the likes of the Renault and Haas team that are lower than 400/1, and be on the hunt for odds of at the very least 500/1 if you want to back teams such as McLaren and Toro Rosso.

Odds of 750/1 are not in short supply on teams such as Alfa Romeo and Racing Point but if you want to pin your hopes of a truly massive winning pay-out then you should be backing the rank outsider to win, that team being Williams who it’s fair to say are being touted at some gigantic odds of around the 1000/1 mark at many betting sites!