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This Weekends Premier League Matches

Loads of Premier League teams are going to be in action this weekend finally, and as such if you are sat there right now eager to put together a range of bets or even a simple Acca bet, then read on for I will be pointing you in hopefully the right direction as to where you should be placing your money.

The odds quoted below are the generally available odds but do also keep in mind you may find some slightly higher ones by actively searching around several bookies’ sites in your never-ending quest to secure the very highest possible odds on the teams listed below.

Whilst the first match of the weekend, that being the Liverpool vs Norwich City match isn’t really going to get your Acca et off to a huge winning start, due to the odds attached to Liverpool winning that match, win that match is something that I expect Liverpool to do, so do include them on such a bet even though their odds are just 1/8 to win that match.

Other Premier League Matches

I cannot see West Ham beating Manchester City this coming weekend and as such my prediction as to the way that match should end is for a win and possibly a stylish win too for Manchester City who are the 1/5 favourite to take the three points in that match.

As for which team should end up winning the AFC Bournemouth vs Sheffield United AFC, well I have a feeling it will be Bournemouth at 19/20 and the Burnley vs Southampton should go the way of a Burnley win at 8/5.

More Premier League Teams for an Acca Bet

Some additional Premier League matches that are sure to be of interest to plenty of you that are going to be in play at some point this coming weekend include the Crystal Palace vs Everton and my top for that match is a win for Everton who are an 11/8 shot to win that match by the way.

In the Watford vs Brighton & Hove Albion match there is so, value to be had by backing Watford at 17/20 and in the Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa match even though Tottenham Hotspur are just an 2/7 chance to win that match win it they should do.

I think you should be looking at betting on the Newcastle United vs Arsenal match too and backing Arsenal at win odds of 3/4, in the Leicester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers the three points should be secured by the home team that being Leicester City at 6/5 and finally in the Manchester United vs Chelsea match the smart money is going on Manchester United at odds of 23/20.