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Today’s French Open Men’s Qualifier Matches

Thankfully there are plenty of sporting events lined up today, which should help you take your mind off the European Elections that are also taking place today.

You may have a passion for betting on tennis matches, and if so then the matches that are lined up today as part of the French Open Men’s Qualifiers are going to be of interest to you and you have plenty of them to pick and choose from.

One of the very first matches of the day is the one between D. Brown and S. Caruso, and that match is one that is expected to go the way of Brown whose odds do give you some idea of his chances of winning, for those odds are 4/6, and just do you know you can back Caruso at odds of 11/10.

Another match which could be worth betting on is the one between G. Garcia-Lopez and O. Otte, looking at the form of both players recently you will see that they are fairly well matched, however it is  Garcia-Lopez that bookies have decided holds the upper hand int hat match, or should do and as such have him chalked up as the favourite to win at odds of 8/11, Otte on the other hand is an even money chance to win that match.

Place a Double Bet Today

You may find the chances of you putting together a winning double bet today are great, for it is expected that plenty of favourites are going to win their qualifier matches today.

One double bet that I have already placed is on the K. Coppejans v M. Guinard match and I have Coppejans to win that match at odds of 4/11, and I have coupled him with the favourite to win the R. Molleker v S. Giraldo match, that being Molleker whose odds are 4/6 to win it.

Players for an Acca Bet

If you want to try and boost the value of any winning pay-out you achieve today betting on the French Open Men’s Qualifier matches, then put together an acca bet is my advice.

When doing so you should look at the S. Stakhovsky v A. Vatutin match and back Vatutin to win it for there is a very good chance he will do just that and at odds of 4/9 to win that match that should get your acca off to a flying start.

I would also consider backing S. Travaglia to beat S. Darcis in their match today and for reference the win odds in that match on Travaglia are 4/6, and in the Y. Hanfmann v L. Rosol match it should be too difficult for Hanfmann at odds of 4/7 to win that match.,

One other match that may be worth including in a  an acca or multiple bet today is the Y. Maden v A. Davidovich Fokina match, and as for whom you should be backing to win that match, that player is Davidovich on offer at most bookies at odds of around the 4/9 mark.