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Updated NFL Division Winners Odds

If you are eager to start betting on any aspect of the up and coming NFL season, then do take a look over some of our featured betting sites, such as Betfred, for that bookie is offering plenty of different betting markets on the 2019 NFL season.

One set of odds that you may find appealing are in relation to the Divisions outright betting markets, and to give you some ideas as to just which teams are attracting the most support to win the title race of each NFL Division, below you will find those team listed along with their respective current odds too.

With that in mind the first team I want you to consider backing an in fact urge you to back at their current win odds are playing in the AFC East Division and that team are the New England Patriots who are a great bet right now at their odds of 2/9.

As for the most likely team that will end up right at the top of the AFC West Division at the end of this season but will probably get to the top very early on in the season are the Kansas City Chiefs and their win odds right now are worth taking being as they are a 8/13 shot.

 Chicago Bears and the Loss Angeles Rams

Let me now pass onto you the names and details of two teams that could be worth perming together in a  double and the first team that I do like the high odds of even though they are the favourite to win the NFC North Division are the Chicago Bears and those odds for reference are 7/4 currently.

The other team that you should be perming them together with in a double are playing in the NFC West Division and that team is of course the Los Angeles Rams and just so you know their win odds right now are tempting to say the least being as they are 4/7.

Other Divisions Betting Opportunities

Some slightly better odds that some of the teams listed up above are available on the other NFL Divisions and in the AFC North Division one standout bet that must be worth placing is on Cleveland Browns to finish top of that Division at the end of the season for the odds on that betting opportunity are 11/8.

You can also get odds of 10/11 on the NFC East Division champions being the Philadelphia Eagles which is another fair bet and finally I would consider also look at the NFC South Division and place a bet on the New Orleans Saints winning for there is a lot to be said about and like about the 8/13 that bet is being offered at too.