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Very Early Betting on The Hundred 2020

The brand new The Hundred cricket tournament will be starting in July of next year, and whilst it is a much anticipated cricket tournament, and it does have to be said a rather unique one too, bookies are prepared to offer punters some very early odds on it.

With no previous form to go on regarding punters being able to work out the chances of the teams that will be taking part in The Hundred 2020 cricket tournament, that does of course mean its anybody’s guess who will win it, but there are some very decent odds on offer if you do fancy placing a bet on it.

There are currently three joint early favourites to win The Hundred 2020 and as such you are possibly going to be tempted to back one of those teams which for reference are Birmingham Phoenix, Manchester Originals and Oval Invincibles all of whom you will find can be backed at odds of 5/1.

The Rest of The Hundred 2020 Teams

You can of course place a bet on any or as many of the teams that are going to be involve in The Hundred 2020, and the next teams in the betting are Northern Superchargers, Southern Brave, Trent Rockets, Welsh Fire and they are all being offered at early odds of 6/1.

There is just one additional team that is going to be taking their chances in this new cricket tournament and that team are London Spirit, and their odds are reasonable to say the least right now being as they are an 8/1 shot.

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