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Ways to Bet On Tennis Matches

It often surprises first time punters that fancy betting on tennis matches just how many matches there are throughout the year, for it is not only the Wimbledon tennis tournament that will be in play, as many other tournaments will also be scheduled at different times of the year too.

As for what you are going to be able to bet on when a tennis tournament and also any number of individual tennis matches are scheduled to take place, well there are more than enough of them available at different betting sites, that for sure.

However, as part of my series of guides that are going to be enlightening you on the unique range of bets on different sports categories, below I am going to be giving you a run through of some of the most popular types of tennis bets and some of the bets and wagers that you may not be aware of.

Best Sportsbook for Tennis Betting Markets

Unibet have been around for years, and whilst they do tend to offer a plethora of different betting markets on all sporting events, they are best known for their range of tennis related betting markets and betting opportunities.

If you do have a passion for tennis and are always on the lookout for a very diverse range of different betting opportunities, but also of course want to ensure that you are getting access to the highest odds possible, then make sure you check them out.

To give you something of an added incentive to give them a try, if you click through any of our Unibet links that take you to their website then you are going to instantly qualify for their sign up bonus, the terms and conditions of which can be found on their website, so please do take a look.

Tennis Related Bets and Wagers

Below you are going to find each of the many different types of Tennis bets and wagers that are available at most betting sites. Keep in mind though that the odds you will be offered will vary from site to site so make sure you hunt around to secure the very highest ones on whichever betting opportunity you decide to make use of.

Tennis Match Betting

One of the easiest to understand bets you can place on a Tennis match is to place a match bet, and that will see you simply having to pick out the player you think is going to win any individual match.

Tournament Winner

Obviously there are going to be lots of players taking part in all Tennis Tournaments, and long before any tournament actually starts you will find most betting sites offer a futures market on which you can pick out the player that you think will win the tournament.

The earlier you place such a bet on the player you hope will win the much better the chances will be of you securing some very high odds on that player.

Set Betting

Many bookies will also offer a range of set betting markets and as such you will have to try and pick out which player is going to win each set, the odds will of course be determined by the form and likelihood of one player winning each set.

Correct Score

Probably the very highest odds that are going to be offered to you will be offered on the correct score betting markets, the way in which they work are fairly self explanatory for all that you are tasked with trying to do is to predict the correct final score of any match that is about to start.

Total Points

Another type of betting market you will certainly find on offer at a range of different sportsbooks and betting site is the Total Point betting market, that is often presented as an over/under type of betting market on which the betting site will select a number of points as the one used for that bet and you have to predict if the number of points that will be scored will be under or over that number.

In-Play Betting Markets

Most punters are of course going to place a bet on any Tennis tournaments or matches long before they actually start, however thanks to the advent of what are known as in-play betting markets, punters can now place a bet whilst a tennis match is in play and after is has actually started.

One thing worth me pointing out about such in-play betting markets is that they can be very fast paced ones and by that I mean the odds on a range of additional betting opportunities that do become available to punters on any such betting market are going to change rapidly.

Therefore you do need to ensure that as soon as you see a betting opportunity you fancy placing a bet on via an in-play betting market you will need to react quickly to secure the odds being offered to you, as they can change at any moment as the game progresses!

Each-Way Tennis Tournament Betting

You will always have the option of placing a bet on any tennis players that you think is going to win any upcoming tennis tournament, and there are two types of bets that you can place on such a betting market.

The first is obviously an outright winner bet and the odds available at the time of you placing such a bet will be the ones you will be paid out at if that player wins the tournament.

An each-way bet can also be placed on any player and that will see you placing an outright winner bet and a place bet of the same value on one single bet. If the player you select wins you get paid out twice, the win part of the bet and the place part of the bet.

If your chosen player however finishes in one of the top positions you are paid out a percentage of the win odds, just keep in mind the percentage of the win odds and the number of places a betting site will pay out to can always vary.