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What are Ante Post and Futures Betting Markets?

You can place a bet on most sporting events before the event starts and even during them as in-play betting markets that allow you to do the latter are available at most if not all betting sites and on most betting apps these days.

However, you will also find what are known as futures betting markets and those are going to go live and become available to you weeks, months and in some instances even years before a sporting event is scheduled to start.

The main advantages of using a futures betting market is that you will often find the odds on the competitors or teams that are taking part in some major sporting events are going to be much higher when you place a bet on them long before the event starts, when compared to backing them in the days running up to them starting.

There are of course risks attached to placing such long term bets, however those risk are often outweighed by the much higher odds available on such betting markets, and below you will find an overview of just some of the many different sporting events you can place such bets on.

Where to Place Ante Post and Futures Bets

I have full faith in every single one of the betting sites showcased to you throughout this website; however when it comes to futures betting opportunities, some of those betting sites are famed for offering plenty of them to their customers.

Take for example Quinnbet, you will always find their odds compilers have put together a large range of futures betting markets well in advance of most major and some not so major sporting events starting, and being an independent bookie they are never afraid of pushing out the odds they offer.

They also do have a very large and diverse range of bonus offers, promotional deals and even consolations bonuses available to their customers too, and as such I would urge you to make a point of checking out their website and taking a look at just what they have to offer you as a punter willing to back on futures betting markets, but do click through our links to get to their site to qualify for their sign up offer if you haven’t yet claimed it

Ante Post Horse Racing

The futures betting markets available on both horse races and greyhound races often go by the name ante post betting markets, but they are the same as a futures betting market.

What you must be aware of is that some bookies will void out any bets placed on horses or greyhounds that you may have bet on when using their ante post betting markets if the horse or greyhound you back is withdrawn from the race.

However, some bookies will class that bet as still being live even though you have no chance what so ever of winning it, so do make sure that above all else you pick a bookie that does the former and not the latter when betting on any ante post betting markets!

Futures Golf Tournament Betting

There will be some massive odds on offer on some of the golfer taking part in any upcoming golf tournaments on the futures betting markets, and the one thing you do need to keep in mind is that those odds will give you an insight into their overall chances of winning such a tournament.

When you prefer backing golfers each-way keep in mind that the number of places and the percentage of the win odds bookies payout out to when punters back golfers each-way on their futures betting markets can vary, so always look out for the bookies offering more places and a higher percentage of the win odds is my advise!

Snooker Futures Betting Markets

It can be and often is the case that when there are any snooker tournaments scheduled to take place in the very near future, there will always be one player that is rock solid favourite to win them and the only realistic way to get any betting value of those fancied players is to back them long before the tournaments start.

However, there can be quite a lot of competitors taking place in snooker tournaments and as such do keep in mind that there could be lots of value to be had by backing your chosen player each-way.

But it is always going to be the each-way betting terms that are ultimately going to determine whether it will be work placing such an each-way bet on the futures betting markets, so be prepared to shop around for the terms and can and will often vary from betting site to betting site.

Football Futures Betting Opportunities

It is true to say that it is betting on football that tends to have the biggest turnover and volumes of wagers placed on them of all sporting events, and as such that does of course mean that you are always going to find plenty of futures betting markets available to you related to football.

It is up to you whether you much prefer placing long term bets and wagers, for when you going about doing so you will have to have plenty of patience to discover whether you bets have won or lost, but there will be plenty of value if you are prepared to place such long term bets.

As for just which football competitions tend to attract lots of betting volume, well it does of course go without saying that competitions such as the World Cup and the FA Cup do see plenty of bets being placed on them by punters using the futures betting markets.

One thing to also keep in mind when it comes to individual football matches, the odds you will be offered rarely ever change, in fact most bookies these days tend to offer fixed odds on their futures football match betting markets, so no matter how much more is bet on any outcome in any upcoming match, the odds are not going to change.