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Who Will Replace Theresa May as the Next PM?

Theresa May will soon be packing her bags and heading out of the door of Number 10 Downing Street for the very last time, and there are plenty of MP’s who are now throwing their hats in the ring and setting out their stalls as her possible replacement.

That does of course mean that plenty of betting sites are now taking bets on who will be her replacement, and will be nominated and then voted into her job, and you could fancy having a bet on the person you think is most likely to be the next UK Prime Minister.

If the early betting markets are anything to go by, the most likely MP to replace Theresa May as the next UK Prime Minister is good old Boris Johnson, however as his odds of doing so are around the 13/8 he is not what you could call the red-hot favourite to replace her.

It could be the case that one of the next few MP’s listed on the betting markets are going to have a much better chance of becoming the next Prime Minister in a few weeks’ time, for despite him being the current favourite to do so, there are lot of people who cannot stand the sight of Boris!

Domini Raab in with a Good Chance

Boris does have something of a track record of messing things up, and with that in mind over the next few weeks he is bound to put his foot in it and say or do something that reduces his chances of getting the Prime Minister’s job.

If you think he is going to fall by the wayside then one person that is bound to be at the top of your list of possible next Prime Minister of the UK is Dominic Raab, and if you get your skates on you can still back him at reasonable odds of 4/1.

Gove and Some Other Contenders

Michael Gove is a bit like Marmite, you either love him or hate him and sadly I think that the way he always appears to have an air of betrayal about him, as Boris Johnson found out to his cost not that long ago, there won’t be that many people eager to back him at odds of 5/1.

As for whether there are any other MP’s who have any realistic chance of becoming the very next Prime Minister in the UK, well I will leave it up to you, but there are of course plenty of them to pick and choose from.

Take for example the next MP in the betting, that being Jeremy Hunt, he does appear to have gone under the radar of many bookies odds compilers for he is being offered at large odds of 12/1 right now and there is some value to be had by backing him.

Rory Stewart is on offer at odds of 16/1 and Andrea Leadsom is in with a tiny chance of her current 18/1 win odds are to be believed, and then you have Jeremy Corbyn who is easy to back at odds of 20/1!